Flying over Africa… Africa from above!

Flying above Africa – You can see the African Continent from as high as a plane… Flights take off daily from Kapstadt and travel right across the African Continent and visa versa. When you are stuck in a plane with a long flight ahead of you the only thing you are really concerned about is the in-flight entertainment schedule… However, if you take a minute and look out of the window (on a day flight of course!) the sights below can keep you occupied for hours. My flight took me from Kapstadt to Europe which means I crossed the entire continent of Africa… allowing me to see Africa from a totally different perspective…

Der African continent – quite simply put – is magnificent. The terrain changed every single time I glanced out of my window many meters above… I saw dense African bush, wide open dessert, towns and lights, animals running in the open, hills and mountains…. After awhile it became overwhelming at how different Africa is from a bird’s eye view. My perception of this great continent changed.

One thinks Africa is a dry continent that is under-developed; people believe that Africa is a stereotypical vision/version of a 3rd world country. Africa is not just that at all. As you fly above this huge and majestic continent you see things that take your breathe away. Yes there was a lot of open and dry land BUT there is also dense areas of forest, high mountains, towns (developed and functioning with electricity), National Parks for the African Animals, long rivers and so much more.

Over my 11 hour flight we passed over Tafelberg, the dunes in Namibia, the magnificent Victoriafälle, Simbabwe…. Then we made our way over Tansania, Kenia und die Ethiopia. We then changed direction and crossed over Zaire, Nigeria, Niger and Algeria. I was lucky as the sky was clear on this day which meant that I could see for miles ahead.

A lot of the time people travel across this huge continent and yet they never take in the beauty below. There are so many things to see that should not be missed. Most of the time people enjoy the take-off and landing and during the flight they are more entertained with the in-flight TV and movie schedule. However I recommend taking 5 minutes (5 minutes from a LONG flight is nothing!) and have a look out the window to the sights below – you may be pleasantly surprised!

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