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Uganda’s History & Background:

In 1962, Uganda gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Over the following several years, the country experienced extreme turmoil under the dictatorship of Idi Amin (between 1971 & 1979), and then under Milton Obote (between 1980 & 1985). During these years, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost to human rights abuses and guerrilla warfare. In 1994, 1996 and 2001 the government promulgated non-party presidential and legislative elections, and in 2002, a government committee recommended a transition towards a multi-party democracy. Over the last several years, Uganda has had one of the highest rates of HIV and AIDS in the world, which has lowered life expectancy rates and has led to numerous changes in health and social welfare policies.

Scheduled and Tailor-Made Safaris:

Jenman Safaris runs safaris with a maximum of 10 clients in and around Uganda. You can join one of our scheduled adventure or lodge safaris or if you’d like, one of our experienced travel consultants can tailor–make a private safari to meet your departure date, time period, group size and budget.

Best Game Viewing Months:

Game viewing is generally better in the dry seasons. The peak safari time is in the dry winter months because the game concentrates around the available sources of water. These months include June through to October, and December to February.

Uganda Information:

Area: 236,040 sq km²
Capital: Kampala
Currency: Ugandan Shilling
Climate: Uganda is a tropical region, but the heat is tempered by its altitude. The rains tend to fall between March and May, and between November and December, with April being the wettest month. The periods between December and February, and June and August are much dryer. The northeast part of Uganda is semi-arid, with only two distinct winter and summer seasons, versus the usual four.
People: Baganda 17%, Ankole 8%, Basoga 8%, Iteso 8%, Bakiga 7%, Langi 6%, Rwanda 6%, Bagisu 5%, Acholi 4%, Lugbara 4%, Batoro 3%, Bunyoro 3%, Alur 2%, Bagwere 2%, Bakonjo 2%, Jopodhola 2%, Karamojong 2%, Rundi 2%, other 9%
Official language: English
Time: GMT + 3

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