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Be enchanted with Madagascar safaris through the allure of the landscape, wildlife and people of this vibrant Indian Ocean island off the east coast of Africa. Your holiday to Madagascar will be filled with a multitude of sights and sounds, starting upon arrival in the capital city of Antananarivo, affectionately known as Tana. Surrounded by national parks and reserves, the city is the springboard for your discovery of Madagascar. Experience the safari of a lifetime to Madagascar as the country is abundantly rich in unique wildlife and vegetation, with 90 % of the species on Madagascar found nowhere else on earth. These include 50 different lemurs, including the Indri, the biggest living lemur, that can be observed in the Andasibe National Park.

There are countless other wilderness wonderlands waiting to be explored on your Madagascar vacation. Make sure to include the picture-perfect natural phenomenon of the Avenue of Baobabs in your itinerary to Madagascar, as well as the great variety of geckos and chameleons in the lush surroundings of Masoala National Park, the incredible hiking opportunities in the cliffs and canyons of Isalo National Park and the breath-taking waterfalls and volcanic lakes in Montagne D’ambre National Park. Discover Madagascar’s beautiful tropical beaches, an unmissable inclusion in any holiday plans to this stunning location. The rich turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs of Nosy Be are filled with fascinating marine species and are also the site of the spectacular whale shark migration. Ile Sainte Marie is a tropical paradise in Madagascar, its beaches lined with coconut palms and its waters a prime snorkeling and diving spot.


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Nosy Be Beach, Madagascar
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Andasibe National Park, Madagascar
This conservancy is known for its population of Indri Lemurs, the largest living lemurs.
Ankarana National Park
Lemurs might be Madagascar’s biggest drawcard, but cave-dwelling crocodiles make Ankarana National Park exceptional.
‘Tana’ is the colourful and vibrant capital city of Madagascar, filled with loads of personality.
Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar
A picture-perfect phenomenon with rows of baobabs shooting up on either side of a natural path.
Baobab Tree in Ifaty, Madagascar
Peppered in palms and covered in white sand, the small fishing village is idyllic and relaxed.
Madagascar, Île Sainte-Marie
A long and thin strip of tropical beach and turquoise sea paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean.
Isalo National Park
Sweeping canyons dating back to the Jurassic period give the park a historical and ancient atmosphere.
Masoala National Park, Madagascar
A sanctuary of the red ruffed lemur, the Madagascar day gecko and a host of chameleons.
Montagne D’ambre National Park, Madagascar
Boasting six volcanic lakes and waterfalls, the park features easy walking trails through rolling hills.
Nosy Be Beach, Madagascar
Meaning ‘Big Island’ in the local language, Nosey Be is Madagascar’s top beach destination.
Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
A healthy forest, set up to protect the golden bamboo lemur and the greater bamboo lemur.
Tsingy de Bemaraha Nature Reserve
This hiking reserve is a landscape of towers, rifts and canyons forming limestone cathedrals.



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