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Conservation & Wildlife Fund

The Conservation & Wildlife Fund is a collaborative group of concerned and passionate Conservationists working together with local stakeholders to ensure the long-term protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife and habitats. Garth Jenman and Katja Quasdorf of Jenman African Safaris are founding members of the fund and it is an integral part of our responsible tourism policy.

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The objective of the Conservation and Wildlife Fund is to work together with the Wildlife Authorities of Zimbabwe to raise awareness, resource local authorities and promote the sustainable management of its precious wildlife resources. The CWF run anti-poaching initiatives and build boreholes for the Hwange area.

As a member of the CWF, we and our partners believe that actions, such as the above, have become critical in order in to protect and conserve Zimbabwe fauna. In a little over three years some African countries have lost over half of their elephant population, and some have lost thousands of wild lions and rhinos.

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The CWF relies on contributions from its partners, a team of lodges in the area. Our lodge Elephant’s Eye, Hwange has a 10 USD per bed per night levy that goes towards the fund. We also sell a signature CWF cocktail at the bar, with all proceeds donated to the fund.

The founding members of CWF, are currently engaged in various ambitious conservation and community projects through their independent non-profit Trusts and Foundations and this will continue from their personal profits.

CWF resources will go directly towards funding key stakeholders in supporting the outer communities and conservation areas surrounding the Hwange National Park.

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