Hwange and the hungry rangers

Hwange and the hungry rangers 1

Wild Dog Conservation ProjectSource: Go Magazine
Jenny wants to take me to the Painted Dog Conservation Project (Zimbabwe),  which is an organisation that works to protect African wild dogs. Inside their building (it’s got an amazing thatched dome) there is a child-friendly display where you can learn more about wild dogs. You can see the project is well funded – computers hum happily in the offices.

The rehabilitation centre is directly behind the offices, where eight wild dogs are resident at the moment.

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Visiting the Dinosaurs in Zimbabwe

Visiting the Dinosaurs in Zimbabwe 2

Zimbabwe DinosaursSource: Wild Zambezi newsletter July 2009

Yes, it’s true…. there are (or at least, there once were….hundreds of millions of years ago) dinosaurs in the Zambezi Valley.  It is located in the remote southern part of the World Heritage Site that comprises Mana Pools National Park and the Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas.

Well… to be clear, there are no dinosaurs but only their tracks, fossilized in ancient mud deposits which have emerged out of an eroded modern-day river bed.

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Zimbabwe is in the news again…

Zimbabwe is in the news again... 3

Zimbabwe NewsBy Andrew Malone, Visit www.zwnews.com (2 August 2009)

Playfully butting his handler, Tatenda, a young black rhino, is frisky and mischievous. It is feeding time, and his nostrils are flaring at the scent of food. He munches on treats from human hands, and nuzzles his keepers like a dog. He loves a rough tickle under his chin. But Tatenda is in grave danger. He is just 22 months old, but may not live to see his second birthday. His horns are growing rapidly – and that means a man known as ‘Ngwenya’, The Crocodile, may soon come to call.

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The Bulawayo Club – Historial club re-opens!

The Bulawayo Club - Historial club re-opens! 4

Bulawayo Club re-opensThe reopening of the newly refurbished Bulawayo Club is a milestone event in the revitalization of the Tourism Industry here in Bulawayo, the City of Kings, and in Zimbabwe as a whole.  It reflects the continuing confidence of the directors and management of the Bulawayo-based firm, the Amalinda Collection. Witnessing the gradual decline and possible demise of this historical landmark the firm took to heart the national policy of partnerships and have welded together a sound business that combines both private sector zeal and the interests of the members of this august institution. Through this they have saved for future generations one of the key historical clubs in Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabwe Travels, Adventures and FUN!

Zimbabwe Travels, Adventures and FUN! 5

Zimbabwe TravelsSo, we crossed the border and stayed at Shoestrings hostel in Victoria Falls …nice place though pretty empty (we’re in the rainy season remember so not a top tourist time). First things first: Money changing!.There are 2 options: No.1 the official way ~ change 1 US dollar for 30,000 Zim dollars. Or no.2 black-market ~ change 1 US dollar for 2,000,000 (yes, MILLION) Zim dollars! …we opted for no.2 😉 So with money changed, its time for some sightseeing: The view of the Falls from the Zim side is fabulous! You get a ‘frontal’ view of the Falls and can walk along the length of them (though from the other side of the gorge).Incredible sight right the way along. And we got to see a rainbow from Danger Point too…which was nice. Downside is you get absolutely sodden! Again though: a sight not to be missed if you ever get here (the choice is yours as to whether you want to see the falls in full flow or fairly quiet).

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Jenman African Safaris gets reviewed by a Client… on African Safari Journals!

Jenman African Safaris gets reviewed by a Client... on African Safari Journals! 6

Jenman African Safaris gets reviewed by a Client... on African Safari Journals! 7During the evening boat ride at Chobe we saw over two hundred elephants at one time. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. They would come down the hill and into the river in herds of twenty to fifty and just frolic and play.

There was one young calf that kept plopping down in the mud and getting stuck. The older elephants would help him out and he would run right back in and get stuck again. We watched the sun go down and took some amazing photos of elephants against the setting sun.

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