Our Best Guided Group Tours

Our Best Guided Group Tour

Jenman African Safaris offers a range of Guided Group Safaris throughout Southern Africa, East Africa, and Madagascar. These tours with set departures are expertly designed for travellers who want to see the highlights of a country, or in some cases even more than one country, whilst having an exceptional guide provide valuable insight along the way. These … Read moreOur Best Guided Group Tours

First Female Quadriplegic Summits Mount Kilimanjaro

A satellite phone SMS brought ground-breaking news on Thursday, the 3rd of September. “We made it!” it read, confirming that the first female quadriplegic, a South African woman named Chaeli Mycroft, summited the daunting Mount Kilimanjaro with six other South African climbers. With the constant threat of altitude sickness, below-freezing temperatures and the grueling physical … Read moreFirst Female Quadriplegic Summits Mount Kilimanjaro

Exploring the Cultures of East Africa

For thousands, if not millions, of years, East Africa has been inhabited by human beings. With a rich history featuring towering kingdoms and vital trade networks, the entire East African region has been chopped and changed into the diverse area that it is today. Encompassing no less than 19 territories, there remains several common threads … Read moreExploring the Cultures of East Africa

Amazing Tanzania Experience – Part 1

Click here for part 2… I was really fortunate to be able to go to sunny Tanzania in July 2014 on our scheduled tour – Tanzania Wildlife & Cultural Explorer while it was cold and raining in Cape Town. I flew from Johannesburg to Dar Es Salam and Dar Es Salam to Kilimanjaro. On that second flight I was lucky to see the snow-capped of Mount Kilimanjaro from the top which was a really great experience. The moment we landed in Kilimanjaro, the landscape had changed completely to mountain looming over the plains of the savannah. I had a warm welcome from our friendly guide who was on time to pick me up and transfer me to the lodge located in Arusha with our 4×4 Safari vehicle. After a delicious dinner I joined the rest of the group and we had a pre-departure meeting with the operations manager of Jenman East African Safaris. It was necessary and really informative because he prepared us on what we will expect during our safaris trip and taught us few Swahili words such as “Hakuna Matata” which means “No Worries”.

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The White Beaches of Zanzibar

white beaches

Few of us are able to say that we’ve never fantasised about what it would be like to lose track of time as you lie beneath the warm rays of the sun, your fingers sifting through the soft white sands that surround you, with the lapping of the ocean nearby as the only sound you can hear. As the sun travels across the azure blue sky, you even imagine the feeling of weightlessness you experience as you wade into the ocean and submerse yourself beneath its warm waters.

white beaches
Beach of Zanzibar

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Unusual snake found on slopes of Mount Meru, do you know what this is?

mount meru

This snake was found on the lower slopes of Mount Meru recently and no one is exactly sure what it is. Its pattern is very similar to the Gabon Viper, but the size of it is too big… added to this; the area that it was found in is not the usual place for them. Any ideas what this could be?

mount meru
Snake found on Mount Meru

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Mount Kilimanjaro Forest Goes Up in Flames

Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

Large parts of Mount Kilimanjaro forest cover are currently being consumed by flames which have been raging since Sunday afternoon. Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), which manages the Kilimanjaro National Park within which the mountain is located, has stated that the roaring fires were on the northern slopes of Africa’s highest mountain which are in Rombo District.

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NEW 9-seater vehicle for Jenman East Africa – offering the best views on safari


Jenman East Africa has added yet another fantastic vehicle to their fleet recently… a custom-built 9-seater Land Cruiser offering 9 window seats for all of the clients! This is a first for Jenman East Africa where traditionally not all clients on safari had the fantastic opportunity of a window seat every day while on the … Read moreNEW 9-seater vehicle for Jenman East Africa – offering the best views on safari

The issue of plastic water bottles on safari and our need to protect wildlife from human impact

Clients ready for their tour

We at Jenman African Safaris host thousands of safari tourists every year.  We love bringing people to this amazing continent to experience the beauty of Africa and helping them turn their African dream into reality.

But we realize that during some of the long hot days on safari, people consume lots of water, most of which is from plastic, throw-away bottles.

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A touch of sunburn, a house tent and a presentation by a great travel writer

great trraveler writer
great travel writer
Jenman African Safaris presents Madagascar and East Africa

Thirteen hours on your feet can be a challenge for someone who works at a desk all day, but much of the day flew by and I generally enjoyed it. I was at the Getaway Show, a travel show, at Lourensford Wine Estate.

When we left home at about 7am the weather was chilly and a light misty rain had me hoping that the tent, which was our stand at the show, would be cosy and dry inside.

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Where have all the Elephants gone?

An elephant family at the water hole

In Dar Es Saalaam, Tanzania, a deal was discussed – ivory buyers from Asia talking to two black-market ivory traders – finding out the quality of the ivory, the inventory, reliability …  After the questions have been answered, they all head to a secret destination to view some of the sample stock. This is a deal that is done daily in one of the world’s biggest ivory thoroughfares. Only, this time they are all about to be exposed…

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Safari-ing around in 4×4 style with GUARANTEED air-con!

The Jenman East Africa 4×4 vehicle

Our Jenman East Africa division has just extended their vehicle fleet to include 2 brand-new custom-built 4×4 safari vehicles. The vehicles were custom built at our Cape Town head office – Jenman African Safaris – and are officially one of the first vehicles in Tanzania to have AIR-CONDITIONING! East Africa reaches extremely high temperatures and to be able to sit in a fully cooled down vehicle is absolute heaven!

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Kilimanjaro – time to tick it off your bucket list

The beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak, and climbing Kili is a goal many people have on their personal bucket list!  Kilimanjaro is one of the most magnificent sights of Tanzania, and one of the biggest reasons to plan a trip to East Africa.  Mount Kilimanjaro is the 4th highest of the 7 summits and is often referred to as “Sky Island” for the simple reason that when climbers reach the summit, they are above the clouds, and it looks and feels like being on an island in the sky! Kilimanjaro rises through lush rainforests to alpine meadows and finally crosses a barren lunar landscape to the twin summit.  There are several routes to reach the summit, but the Machame and Marangu routes are the most popular.  Each can be done in less than a week:

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Wildebeest Migration – where are they now?

Wildebeest in the tall grass
Wildebeest being spotted in the road on a safari

Despite the migration consisting of thousands and thousands of wildebeest – the Serengeti National Park and the Masia Mara (where they migrate through) are so huge that sometimes it’s hard to spot them …. hard to believe, but its true! This is why our Jenman East African office and team are tracking the migration all the time and are able to tell us in exactly what part of Tanzania/Kenya the majority are at any given time.

So where is the migration right now? Keep reading!

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Debz makes us green with envy – she is off to East Africa!

east africa
east africa
On a Tanzanian safari
east africa
Witness the beautiful flamingos in Tanzania

East Africa…There is absolutely no other place that springs to mind so easily at the sound of the word “safari”… In the late 19th century, the word officially arrived in the English language; originally from the Swahili word safari meaning “long journey”, it has captivated the imagination of would-be explorers for decades since – and I am most certainly one of them! My excitement is shared by the two adventurous ladies accompanying me on our Jenman East African safari and we are setting off in less than two weeks!

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Tanzania Safari – the smiles tell the whole story!

Clients on a safari

Our Jenman East Africa department recently received some lovely pictures from some very happy clients… The clients (from Germany) went on our 7-day Tanzania Wildlife Breakaway safari where they had the trip of a lifetime! If you had to judge a safari based on smiles, laughter and fun – then this safari was a fantastic success.

Our favourite picture (and the main reason we had to share this) is the lovely one with all the clients peering out of the safari vehicle through the popup roof…  Just look at the smiles and the excitement on their faces….

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An Albino Kingfisher and a Camel-Zebra!

Camel Zebra
Camel Zebra
Camel zebra taking a stroll in the field
camel zebra
Albino Kingfisher

Johan, our East Africa Operations Manager, not only lives in Tanzania, but also spends many days travelling around this region on game drives, exploring national parks with clients and taking amazing photos. While he has become quite accustomed to animal sightings – it’s the unusual and strange animals that he occasionally sees that really catches his attention!

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Mkombozi and Jenman East African Safaris

Jenman East Africa
Supporter from Jenman East Africa

After much time spent organizing the perfect experience for Anna and her group of retired teachers we decided to set up a relationship with the Mkombozi Organization. I met Herry (the head coordinator from the Mkombozi Organization) and his team in Arusha to discuss this possible relationship and to organize a day for our Jenman clients to experience a day in the life of a street child here in Tanzania.

We decided that they, our clients, could visit a local government Secondary school where some of the Mkombozi children are placed as well as a local orphanage that houses street children.

Supporting in Arusha with Jenman East Africa

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