Garth always finds a way

Garth Jenman

Garth Jenman, founder of Jenman Safaris, used to travel into Africa during varsity breaks and return with loads of curios which he traded for pocket money.

He never tired of travel and after completion of his studies continued his journeys further afield to Europe and beyond. Upon his return he started a diving school and while this enterprise proved successful during the summer month, his clientele disappeared with the summer sun during the winter. “This was in the early nineties,” remembers Garth, “and before the influx of foreign tourists we have now.” So, in order to supplement his income, Garth would travel to Zimbabwe where he stayed in a friend’s lodge and collected jerseys to peddle back in South Africa.

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HIMBA DONATION – Jenman clients give donations with Jenman support

Vin and Wendy Piscino from Australia with their donations

When clients Vin and Wendy Piscino came on a Jenman Namibia Lodge Safari in June, little did they know that they would be so moved by their experience, they would go home and make a decision that would change the lives of many people.

Australians Vin and Wendy Piscino had booked their lodge safari of Namibia with no expectations of getting involved with the local people.  Meeting people from different culture groups is just one aspect of an African safari, but this time it had a big impact.  The Himba people of Namibia are exceptionally unique – in their lifestyle, language, customs, dress – virtually everything is different from modern western societies, and they manage to live with very little, in terms of human possessions or resources.

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Worry-Free Travel to Africa

Worry-Free Travel to Africa
Worry-Free Travel to Africa

With many visitors to Africa every year, we at Jenman Safaris get lots of questions about safety and security while travelling in Africa.  There is always a lot to think about when planning your trip to ensure that your African adventure goes smoothly, and it is important to start with the basics.  In light of the unfortunate collapse of the safari operator, Kumuka Worldwide, and the overall downturn of the world economy, we have a list of what you need to know about us and travel in Africa:

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“Take your clothes off for a good cause” she said.

good cause
good cause
A lady posing for the Save the Rhino calendar

Sorry for disappointing you but this article will not be focusing on Nude Safaris promoted by a freakish Safari Company.

We all know that northern Europe’s population doesn’t have any trouble with nakedness and inhibition, given the number of German people taking over French and Spanish Nudist beaches during summer. So, when our German marketing manager told us about shedding our clothes to save the rhinos, we weren’t sure if it’s was either to militate against rhino’s poaching or to satiate her human (but German) nature…

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Place of Elephants

place of elephants
place of elephants
A elephant family bonding

Written by Don Pinnock.

Don Pinnock continues his adventure with Jenman East Africa as he visits the “place of elephants”.

We set off early in a Land Rover Disco 3 with, oops, road tyres. Hope they make get us through. First stop was Mingunga Tented Camp, a base to explore Tarangire National Park – the place of two very different kinds of giants: Baobabs and elephants.

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Africa’s Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct

black rhino
black rhino
White rhino’s left in Africa

Source: VOA news
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature is officially declaring the western black rhino of Africa extinct. In its latest assessment of the situation, the IUCN says two other sub-species of rhinoceros also are close to extinction.  Despite the action of conservation programs, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature warns many sub-species of rhinos may soon be a thing of the past.

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Lion cub saved by mum

Lion and cub rescue


Clinging on for dear life to the side of a vertical cliff, the tiny lion cub cries out pitifully for help.

His mother arrives at the edge of the precipice with three other lionesses and a male. The females start to clamber down together but turn back daunted by the sheer drop.Eventually one single factor determines which of them will risk her life to save the youngster – motherly love.

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Learning about Baobabs with Chantal!

Baobab tree

Baobab trees have always caught the imagination of people. From the early San hunter gatherers to the British explorers, even royalty has travelled to Africa to paint these magnificent giants. Adansoni Digitata is the Latin name. Mr Adanson was one of the first to describe this tree and Digitata refers to the compound leaves which resembles the digits of a hand as there is 5.We find it in Africa and Asia.

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Olivia’s Luxurious Trans African Lodge Safari

trans african safaris
trans african safaris
Great Trans African Lodge Safaris with Olivia

During the month of April this year , I ventured out on a Trans African Safaris with Jenman Safaris.

It was a soul “finding” experience and I have kept some very special memories from the trip.

We began our journey in Vic Falls -Zimbabwe, and slowly made our way to Windhoek Namibia over the duration of 11 days with many stops that involved heart-warming cultural experiences.

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Africa Fever; part 1 with Katja

Katja in Zimbabwe

Africa Fever – the first time I had heard of that expression was when my mom told me, a couple of years ago, that I am infected with exactly that. What sounds like a serious illness for which one requires some heavy medication, is nothing else but a travel bug.

Travel bug – an insect that travels?  Both, Africa fever & a travel bug I believe, are not the most suitable ways of describing the changes that take place in you once you set foot on the African continent.

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Discovering more about leopards with Chantal (a Jenman Guide!)…

Leopard on Safari

Leopards (Pantera Pardus) are by nature elusive and shy creatures. They have evolved over time to blend in.

They are powerful cats that stalk their prey. Therefore camouflage is very important. This is of course why it is so difficult to spot these beautiful large cats. Anyone who sees them is extremely lucky. I was pleasantly surprised in April of this year while doing a Trans African lodge safari.

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Garth and Johan explore East Africa, days 6.7,8 and 9

east africa
east africa
Johann enjoying breakfast in Amboseli National Park
east africa
Kilimanjaro in the background – Garth and Johann in East Africa

Garth and Johan are currently in Amboseli National Park in Kenya and are still having a great time! Every day they send us some pictures and updates of their latest finds… its not all fun and games – they are in East Africa busy organizing Jenman Safaris latest East African venture which is mid-range safaris (a first for us and a first for East Africa!). The above pictures are of them in Amboseli – look at the background… its Mount Kilimanjaro!

east africa
In Kenya with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background
east africa
Lions on a game drive

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Garth and Johan explore East Africa, day 4 and 5

east africa
east africa
Lunch in Tanzania

What a day yesterday was… after leaving the Serengeti behind we headed north to try and find a road that would take us to Kenya. We inspected some nice lodges along the way and then made our final push over the Mara River. At a T-junction we took a right turn and after awhile we came across a road block run by local villages who wanted money from us to go further… When we ask one of the guys if this was the road to Kenya, he said its goes to wherever you want it to go. We then worked out that we were heading in the wrong direction anyway.

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Head to Head, Serengeti vs Kruger – Travel

serengeti vs kruger
serengeti vs kruger
Kruger National Park

Source; Travel Africa- Spring 2011, Edition 54
Africa’s most iconic safari destination? It’s a tough call, but the Serengeti and Kruger National Parks can both stake a strong claim to the title.

Here, Philip Briggs pits the two safari heavyweights against each other.. Kruger National Park versus the Serengeti National Park – which is better and why?
(Final part)

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Elephant’s block our path in a tug-of-war

Elephants in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve.

In October 2010 I was guiding a private tour (put together by Jenman African Safaris) for the Schnor family from Germany.

We started in Jo’burg and worked our way through the Kruger, Swaziland and into Kwazulu Natal. We spent two days in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve. During a game drive on day two, we met these two elephant, (twice on the same day).

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Botswana Wildlife Breakaway Important Change

botswana wildlife breakaway
Botswana Wildlife Breakaway
Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

We have decided, in light of the success of Riaan Manser (cycled around Africa & kayaked around Madagascar) as well as our commitment to responsible tourism, to change our ever popular Botswana Wildlife Breakaway 14-day safari to a cycle tour. This means that we will no longer be using our popular Landcruiser; instead we will be providing all clients with a comfortable and durable mountain bike.

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Well done to Chantal van der Linde, who won the guide of the year award!


Each year we host a Jenman Guide of the Year awards event where all of our hardworking and dedicated Jenman Safaris guides are awarded points for their guiding, skills and feedback…

It’s a highly competitive event with top guides all ranking closely and, naturally, with the chance to win a trip for 2 to Madagascar – it becomes a very intense competition. This year the winner (by 0.7 points only) was Chantal! Well Done!

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Paternoster – The ultimate fisherman’s dorpie (town)!

Paternoster a fisherman’s dorpie

My boyfriend and I decided that we needed to do something special for this Valentine’s Day. The answer came in the form of a small town on the West Coast of South Africa – Paternoster! Situated 15 km from Vredenburg, Paternoster is the ideal place for some relaxation and some rest… which is exactly what we were looking for.

Paternoster: The local community of Paternoster predominately survives on fishing which they sell daily… yum!

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Meet Todd; one of our Guides!

Todd – Jenman guide

“Its 1993 and apartheid South Africa is in a phase of change. At the age of 26 I realise I had no clue of the continent I lived in- Africa!”

How it all began:
After completing 2 years of compulsory National Service in the military and 2 years of college studying Hotel & Catering Management I found myself pursuing a career as an Industrial Catering manager… And so begins my story!

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The elephant way of saying “I love you”


If you think of wildlife, you think of lions hunting antelopes, crocodiles lurking in the water waiting to attack their prey and rhinos charging at each other in a fight over a female. But there is also another maybe more human side to wildlife.

Animals are known to share the same emotions as we do. But what would an elephant do to say “I love you” and show its affection to another elephant?

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A long & not so winding road (part 3)

Petrified Forest

Continue reading for the third and final part of Liz’ Adventures in Namibia! Enjoy!

Day 9: Khorixas Lodge to Etosha National Park – Okaukuejo
After breakfast, we drove about 50kms to the Petrified Forest. On paying an entrance fee, we followed a track through the space vegetation coming across a number of petrified tree trunk like objects lying randomly around the place.

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A long & not so winding road (part 2)

Tropic of Capricorn

Enjoy the second part of Liz’ adventures in Namibia!

Day 5:
Hammerstein to Solitaire

The theme today was to be sand and lots of it! After a 5am breakfast we drove to Sesreim and on paying the conservation fee drove (on a tarred road – joy of joys!) to the dunes of Sossusvlei – a remarkable phenomenon – the highest sand dunes in the world!

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