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Cape Town to Vic Falls, Zimbabwe

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Cape Town to Vic Falls, Zimbabwe

When I close my eyes, I know immediately what it looks like, smells like and how it tastes – my very own Africa. Due to the enormous versatility of this tour, it was the perfect trip to Africa to experience the first time and find out what landscapes, climates, people and animals like one at best.

Fascinating were all the facets of the country along our route, I have not been concluded once the eyes during car trips, for fear of missing a wonderful change of scenery, human biodiversity and Animal varieties.

Although I had found my own personal highlights very quickly. If possible, hot and dry, it had to be for me. On the coast (Swakopmund) it was (too cold for me, none of my fellow passengers understood) and I realized I do not need the sea – I felt most at home in desert and steppe regions.

But from day one, I was surprised aware of the sincerity of the Africans and I was top of the world and at home.

It is wonderful to hear the day awake in the morning tomorrow. Similarly, when the day comes with a powerful sound concert from lions, hyenas, jackals roar and more adopted. The trip was a very well-organized dreams and our driver Nico has managed to take us throughout the tour of Africa natural wonders, cultural backgrounds, the great diversity of animals and a lot more interesting, knowledgeable and informative close. All the burgeoning problems were solved by him quickly and easily. He has also answered in detail my lot of questions with admirable patience. ( many, many damned questions). Driving with the group had many interesting aspects and I have in the past 3 years, not so much, and laughed heartily as in these 3 weeks. I would choose again this type of holiday.

The selection of the lodge and campsite was Perfect! Away from the tourist bustle in some very private setting, I can cause a lot of interesting conversations with locals, which I do not mean always liked willing ended questions answered. Each accommodation had their own personal charm and was charming in a special way in their facilities, location, wildlife and much more. I would like to mention most special Gecko Creek, Canon Roadhouse, Hammerstein Lodge, Brandberg White Lady Lodge, Porcupine Camp, N’Kwazi River Camp, Camp Kwando, who have spoken to me throughout most special human, visually and culturally.

Hammerstein Lodge

It is incomprehensible to me until today, as Nico managed every day, we conjure up an African further perfect, delicious dish in our camp kitchen. The food was worthy of a star chef – and with Orexantilope from Mash is now one of my favorite dishes, like the delicious bread with corn and sugar on top, all the fantastic vegetables, pots, and of course the Apfelkramble Springbok and … and … and …

I had in my life has never been as much fun as the quad biking in Swakopmund. Damn, it was sooo good. A must for everyone – and I’m something previously also had never driven. The canoe trip on the Orange River makes super fun-participation is highly recommended. The visits by local schools, villages and churches have given me a deep insight into the lifestyle of the population which is my life’s perspective has yet properly shifted. Thank you for this experience! I’ve enjoyed every kind of movement, thus marches to the rock art on canyon, to specific rock formations, the dunes at Sossusvlei (a dream) A special highlight: the leadership with a bushman in the desert to the Dead Vlei was a very fascinating biology and geography lesson with a lot of action.

northern experience safari
Himba experience

Despite the unfavorable season we’ve seen everything there is to see and more.
Most special memories to all of us will stay in our extremely close encounter with the leopard, to the envy of all our people, and the fantastic game drives. I was very impressed, the hippos, elephants, crocodile hall …. Just everything .. which was reflected in the 2000 photos.

It was not until just a touch
Then a fresh breeze
And after just one week, Africa,
with its diverse landscapes,
Smells, lovely people, day and night noises and much more
my heart by storm.

I’ll be back.

Many thanks to Nico for the charming tour through Africa and his infinite patience with our not always simple group. Many thanks to Hilka, who has patiently answered my many questions in advance.

Thanks to all: Benefits of JENMAN African Safaris were on a very high level.

Love Greetings from Germany
By Corinna Muller-Lorenz (Conny)

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