My Cape Point Trip

Where do I even begin…?  We left the Jenman Office a scared and unprepared Groups team and came back stronger than ever. Our first stop was Boulder’s Beach to do some penguin viewing. This was also my first time at Boulders and it was an experience like no other. I mean I have seen penguins in the aquarium and so forth but to see them in their natural habitat was amazing.

Seeing the male penguin sitting on the egg protecting it with its life while the mommy penguin goes out to find food – was a wonderful thing to watch. Along the walking trail were loads of little penguin couples walking together which was also so cute.  While taking pictures I am convinced that some of them actually posed for the camera. The water also looked so inviting that we just couldn’t resist rolling up our pants and dipping our feet into the cold ocean.

After a nice breakfast, we then made our way to Cape Point. Driving all alongside the ocean, what a sight to remember… We really live in an amazing city. We encountered a baboon or 2 along the way… They really are funny little creatures!

Once passing through the gates of Cape Point it is quite a distance to drive to get to the point but my colleagues and I didn’t notice as we were chatting away and making jokes and sometimes even singing some songs. We have a couple of Idols in our mists I must say.  We finally reached the point and the view was breathtaking. The different colors of blue in the ocean, the clean white beaches, the smell of fresh air. It didn’t feel like I was in Cape Town anymore. I felt like I was on top of the world.  And then came the WALK up to the lighthouse where I backed out at first but with the help of my team mates made it to the top.  They never gave up on me, never left me behind and would always wait for me. They were the reason I made it to the top, and got to experience a spectacular view.  And for that I am always grateful.

Then the highlight of my trip was the ostrich farm. I could go on and on about how fun and wonderful it was but there wouldn’t be enough space on this page. But one highlight I will mention was feeding the ostrich. At first I was very scared but once I put on my big girl shoes on I even went to feed the ostrich for a second time.

The experience was fantastic and memories I will cherish forever. I would recommend to everyone (even if you live in this city) to take a Cape Point trip. It really is something you will hold in your heart for a very long time… I know I do. I had a great time. With plenty of information I gained on this trip to share with all my family and friends, but this day would not have been as amazing without my work colleagues who because of this trip have now become my friends.

– Stacey-lee Petersen

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