Cape Point Nature Reserve – The perfect place for a half-day holiday!

Cape Point Not so long ago my boyfriend and I decided to go to the Cape Point Nature Reserve… We had such an awesome time that I decided that I must share it with all of you!

Firstly, let me start by pointing out the fact that we normally end up spending our time in shopping malls buying clothes and eating at restaurants … so for us to decide to go to there… is clearly something out of the ordinary! And what a wonderful day we had – was the perfect place to feel like we were on holiday (even if it was just for one day only)…

We went to the reserve on a Wednesday let me start off by saying that the reason for a mid-week break was that it was National Heritage Day! Yes, this meant no work for most of us… and well, we wanted to do something different and special to celebrate the day off! So we thought and thought… and I couldn’t think of anything to do (well to be honest I didn’t feel like thinking) so I left the decision up to my boyfriend who decided that Cape Point was the place to go!

So bright and early on a Wednesday morning… Oh okay was more like 10am (we had to sleep in!) we ventured off towards Cape Point! Due to his speedy driving and as he says ‘testing’ his car we were there in very good time! We got there to discover that all South African citizens (with proof of citizenship on this public holiday) were allowed in free…what an awesome surprise. It was packed… tourists everywhere… wherever I looked or moved there was another group of them talking and laughing loudly. It was already lunch time when we parked and walked all the way to the main area so we decided to relax for awhile and get some food. We had a lovely picnic, taking in the amazing views around us.

Cape Point Cape Point

There where tourists from all over the world taking loads of photos and talking excitedly amongst themselves about the trip they were on. Most of them where on an organized African Safari tour – much like the ones that we offer with Jenman African Safaris. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of our tours was actually there – the place was jam packed! So after a nice lunch of fruit salads, sandwiches, apple pie and chocolate… we decided to work off all we had eaten by taking the long walk to the top!

Cape Point You can either walk or take the venicular to the top – we naturally decided to do the ‘fit’ and healthy thing and walk to the top… Halfway, to the top I was really wishing that I had taken the easy way to the top. After much huffing and puffing (from my side) we got to the top to take some stunning photos! The top (the lighthouse) was packed as the weather was stunning and you could see for miles and miles! Looking down at the waves crashing on the rocks below really is a magnificent sight to see! I think one could stand there for hours and hours just watching the sea and the surrounding areas… but alas the calmness is broken as you hear another tourist shouting in excitement to one of their friends about another photo opportunity!

The trip down was very quick and easy and made me feel silly about moaning on the way up! We left in the late afternoon and took a leisurely drive home… It was a lovely day there and we were lucky with the weather because about 10 minutes into our drive home it started to rain!

For those that haven’t been to Cape Point I suggest you go and spend the day… tourist or local, it’s an awesome place to relax and unwind! The vibe there is truly magic – made me feel like I had gone away on a mini holiday!

Find out more about Cape Point: click here

by Lisa

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