Botswana Safari with the Bushmen and Arno…

Botswana Safari Just a note before the excitement wears down.  We had an incredible adventure on the trip through Southern Africa. We covered a lot of kilometres but we experienced so much variety. Just when we had a very long hot day in the vehicle, the lodge at the end of the day was delightful.

The lodge staff was always very accommodating. The trip crisscrossing the countries gave us a lot of insight to how people live, what the countryside looks like, wild animals on the side of the road as we see cattle at home. The vehicle was comfortable.

Botswana Safari Our fondest memory is the day with the Bushmen and Arno – the hunt, the lessons on survival and the night around their campfire. Another day there would have given us an opportunity to learn more about their lives and maybe learn their craft. Our Himba experience was equally as amazing. It was like putting ourselves into the pictures in National Geographic. The occasional days on the water made the dry, hot days more tolerable.

Our best game drive was the trip between Moremi Park and Chobe along the river. We saw everything in its natural daily activity. Sure we would have liked to stay at Etosha Park longer so that we could spend more time at the water holes and maybe another day or two on the coast at Swakopmund, but we had an amazing journey.

Our quest on a holiday is to learn something and we learnt a lot. Rick was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and very respectful of their space and yet he gave us all equal opportunity to see and photograph for as long as we wanted.

We went on an elephant ride at Thornbush Lodge the day before we left on Safari and would recommend that to be part of the trip. Another thought would be to add a little more shopping time for us womenfolk – we have to look at a lot of things before we can decide what to bring home – we could have learned a little more about what their talents are and what they do – a little more culture, a little more music to make a complete picture.

Botswana Safari Our time in Soweto after the Safari was good. The whole history of that area is overwhelming.

Debbie, we want to thank you for an adventure that was bigger than the words on the page that described it in the brochure.

If you weren’t so far away and the costs so great, we would be back tomorrow to learn and see more of Africa.

Dagi and Everett

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