Zimbabwe Events 2022: Four the Love of Travel

In the blink of an eye, it was 2022! The days, months and year of 2021 flew by in a heartbeat, along with travel plans, family gatherings and certain expectations. Another year of laughter, love, tears and loss has passed and we forge forward with hope and resilience for what is to come.

The Jenman African Safaris team identifies our future in the form of travel plans, turning dreams into realities. We spend our time virtually travelling Africa, seeking out sights which appeal to the conservationist, the culturally curious, the adventurer as well as the historian. We find and create experiences which speak to each type of traveller, able to do so as we too pursue such experiences.

We decided to start with Zimbabwe, geographically close as our neighbour, as well as a country close to our hearts. Narrowing our search into Victoria Falls, the adventure capital of Zimbabwe, we have selected four events which cover arts and culture, adrenalin, fitness and conservation. Each respective experience proudly exhibits Victoria Falls and its surrounds from a slightly different perspective, gaining a deeper understanding of its place and people.

Victoria Falls, Hwange & Lake Kariba

Victoria Falls Carnival – 29 April to 1 May 2022

The Victoria Falls Carnival is a sensory and multi-cultural explosion. People travel from all over the world to experience its live music fuelled by local talent, the carnival humming with the beat of Africa. Three days of festivities will have you cloaked in the colours of Zimbabwe, with Afro beats, fire dancing, an Electric Safari Experience and a secret bush picnic with more live music to keep you entertained. Extend your trip to explore the eccentric town, or perhaps unwind in Hwange National Park, taking your feet from the dance floor to a walking safari, immersing yourself in nature.

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Picture Credit: Vic Falls Carnival Facebook

Victoria Falls Enduro – 30 April to 1 May 2022

The Victoria Falls Enduro summons the adrenalin seekers to its landscapes. This dust raising, speed chasing, wheel manoeuvring event will have you on your motorbike through the wild African bush. Not for the faint hearted, this course is built to test your skills as well as your courage! However, if you are a novice rider or perhaps in the younger category, the terrain offers a track to suit your level, ensuring adventure is accessible to all! As much as the two day event is about chasing adrenalin, it is also about raising money for anti-poaching, with all money raised going to the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VAPU) and the Victoria Falls Community Animal Health & Welfare Centre (VAWS). The gala evening includes a function on the banks of the Zambezi River, a night filled with music, delicious food and highlights of the race.

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Picture Credit: Vic Falls Enduro Facebook

Victoria Falls Marathon – Provisional date of 3 July 2022

Running a marathon alongside one of the seven wonders of the world is every runner’s dream. Not only does the Victoria Falls Marathon gift the sights and sounds of the mighty waterfall, but also a route which leads you through the Zambezi National Park, the thrill of being immersed in the wild. The road is scattered with indications of wildlife, from dung to broken trees to hippo paths leading down to the river. Runners in the past have in fact run past elephants, curious at the mass of humans racing past on foot. This is the definition of a wild time, the thought of an animal in the bush perhaps fuelling your speed towards the finish line!

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Picture Credit: Vic Falls Marathon Facebook

Hwange Game Count – September 2022

In Hwange National Park, it’s the game that counts. The Hwange Game Count is an invitation to truly immerse in the wild, partaking in wildlife data collection, contributing towards understanding the ecology of the park, therefore; conservation. By collating information about animal migration patterns, drinking habits and daily movements, you give yourself the gift of time – to observe, to witness and to learn from nature. This experience allows for reflection, connection as well as inspiration from our wild spaces. Participating in the Hwange Game Count is going the extra mile for wildlife, as well as adding an extra life-changing component to one’s African journey.

Nantwich Hwange veranda

Whether it be dancing under the stars, riding the roads, racing beside the Zambezi River or counting for conservation, add an extra element of experience to your African journey. Contact us to turn your Zimbabwe travel dreams into a reality for 2022; your adventure, our expertise.


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