The Responsible Elements of Travel in 2022

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Travel and tourism in Africa has the opportunity to change lives. By investing time, interest and curiosity in both its cultural and geographical landscapes, one also invests in its survival. Making conscious travel choices which impact communities and wildlife on the ground should be a priority when planning your African adventure, taking our responsibilities towards the environment, and each other, to heart.

As we rediscover the role we play in nature – experientially as well as an industry – the ideals of ecotourism are on the forefront of our minds. Connecting with the environment in meaningful ways that result in long term conservation benefits are the type of experiences safari tourism has the advantage of creating.

Based on the foundations of impactful travel, Jenman African Safaris ensures life-altering experiences for guests that embrace and encourage interactive yet non-invasive safari encounters. From the holistic and conservation based itineraries offered, we honour and operate within the boundaries of responsible tourism, and beyond. This includes educating guests and creating awareness about the conservation initiatives in each country we visit.

As the world begins to travel once again, in anticipation of wildlife abundance and adventure, we seek to reconnect with the elements. It is during these journeys we hope to get lost in our experiences, while simultaneously finding ourselves. Our safari specialists have selected 5 of their favourite conscious and intentional activities across the continent:

Floating above the earth over elephant corridors and Chobe National Park in Botswana, Camp Kuzuma, Chobe‘s hot air balloon allows you to rise above the issues of conservation, understanding its importance from a different perspective.

The Responsible Elements of Travel in 2022 9

Descending from air to earth, walking safaris in Mana Pools allow you to fully immerse in the wild. Staying at Camp Mana during our Walking Wild Mana & Hwange tour in Zimbabwe, one collects knowledge and leaves only footsteps.

Elephant sighting on bush walk | Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Botswana prides itself in exclusive and remote African journeys, sharing the love and diversity of its treasures. It is extremely eco-conscious and strives to offer and implement choices which make an impact – for the traveller, the local community and the wildlife. A mokoro ride upon the Khwai River while staying at Mogotlho, Khwai River will have you floating upon the river, in your element, surrounded by nature.

Mokoro boat trip in the Okavango Delta Botswana.

Uganda offers the chance to follow in the footsteps of the great gorilla. In respectful silence, you are immersed into the jungle, quietly observing and witnessing troop dynamics from a distance. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the best place in Uganda to track gorillas. A mountainous area in the south-west, the forest is home to roughly half the world’s remaining population of these magnificent creatures. Our Uganda Gorilla Adventure will take you into the heart of gorilla country, an ancient forest and World UNESCO heritage site.

Conservation - Uganda Gorilla Adventure

Exploring the Dunes of Namibia not only offers spectacular vistas of undulating red dunes, but the chance to meet and learn about the ancient San Bushmen culture. Sharing stories and traditions of old, time with the San will enlighten you to the deep respect and knowledge they remain to have of the land. Survival skills of the wild and ingrained in mind and manner, a fascinating peek into history. This is a self drive tour, taking the wheel of adventure into your own hands.

The Responsible Elements of Travel in 2022 11

By upholding and encouraging interactive and mindful activities during our tours, we create a dialogue of respect between our natural environment and our guests. The relationship between humanity and the environment are fundamental to include in future travel experiences.

In the awareness of the importance of eco-tourism as well as sustainable travel choices, Jenman African Safaris continues to provide meaningful travel within Southern Africa. Contact us to curate your next impactful African journey; your adventure, our expertise.