Blog week 20 (21st – 27th of June) – my LAST BLOG!

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The time has come – yesterday was my last day at Jenman Safaris! I am now sitting at home on my couch writing this and I still can’t believe it…  Maybe it was all the excitement and fun of the world cup that made the time go that much faster?! With only a few days left in Cape Town I decided to do as much as possible…

On Saturday we (my house mates and I) got up quite early and went to the food market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. As the sun was shining we decided it was summer again…

So we only wore t-shirts, shorts and even flip flops. At the food market the weather was still okay – at least as long as we stayed INSIDE the tent. Outside it was so windy that everything was blown away and the wind was very chilly as well. And what’s the best thing you can do on such a day? Some nice wine tasting, right? We drove to Constantia, where you can find many wine estates and it’s only a 10 minute drive from Woodstock. And even without a map (we forgot to take one because we actually didn’t plan going to Constantia) it’s not too difficult to find a wine estate there. We stopped at Groot Constantia, where we spent the rest of the day there until they closed. When we went back outside everyone could feel that it definitely wasn’t summer – the wind was blowing and we were all freezing. So we visited a friend who was “house sitting” her boss’ place – a quite common thing here in South Africa where we could warm up at the cozy fireplace.

Sunday started quite early as well as I had to buy some final things for my safari which starts the day after tomorrow. Now I’m a proud owner of a microfiber towel (which indeed is pretty impressive; it’s the same size of a normal towel but only weighs a few grams and dries within one hour or so), a headlamp and several cans of mosquito protection.

Afterwards we prepared ourselves for the big game on Sunday: Germany versus England. It was such a nice day, the thermometer at the Waterfront showed 29°C in the sun and we absolutely wanted to watch the game at the Fan Fest.

So we left our place at 1 o’clock and went to the Fan Fest. The game only started at 4 but we wanted to make sure that we could finally get into the fan fest… it’s always so busy. After having queued for half an hour we were one of the first people to get in. Until the game various bands and dance acts entertained the people waiting for the kick-off. When the game started the Fan Fest was packed by German and English fans. And the game couldn’t have been better – for the Germans at least:)!

It was one huge party at the fan fest; I would even say that you could compare the atmosphere there to the public viewings in Germany during the world cup 4 years ago. And even if the “revenge-for-Wembley-goal” wasn’t given to the English the fans admitted that we clearly played better and deserved to win…

The entire weekend I kept on telling everyone I met that I was going to the game between Portugal and Spain on Monday in Cape Town. Only at 3 in the afternoon I found out that the game was on Tuesday. And apparently everyone knew when the game was but somehow no one told me. But so I could look forward to it for another day. On Tuesday night I finally went to Green Point Stadium to watch my first world cup game ever. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought…

One of my housemates gave me a lift to the Waterfront from where I walked the rest. The closer I got to the stadium the bigger the stream of people got who were heading for Cape Town’s latest landmark.  At 8 I took my seat ready to see the two teams taking on each other. The stadium was covered in red, yellow and green and the atmosphere was awesome, even though you couldn’t hear any of the fan songs due to the thousands of vuvuzelas. It was such a cool experience to watch a game in this great stadium with so many people.

And today it’s my last day with Jenman Safaris. After five months it feels really strange not to go to work. From the very beginning on I felt like a part of the team and I had a good time working as a marketing intern. During my internship I learned a lot about the travel industry, the work at a tour operator and of course about our destinations in Southern Africa. Besides doing daily translations I had a super time and will miss Jenman and all the staff members a lot!

I am back in Cape Town after my safari (can’t wait for that… my safari that is) and then I will do my proper good-byes to everyone. Until then I will be traveling through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa on one of the Jenman Safaris tours!!!

This means that this is my last blog… Thank you to those that followed my Cape Town updates! I am sure to comment and send updates of my travels on the blog when I can…

Cheers, Tobi!

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