We were published in the October Issue in the Getaway Magazine!!!!

We were published in the October Issue in the Getaway Magazine!!!! 1

We were published in the October Issue in the Getaway Magazine!!!! 3

Two Clients of ours went on our Botswana Breakaway Safari which they enjoyed to the fullest – you may have read their blog last month about their holiday. However, on their return through OR Tambo International Airport they had an unpleasant situation. Read about what they wrote to the Getaway Magazine which was published in the October issue.

My wife Irene and I arrived home after a splendid safari holiday in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. The tour operator was Jenmans, a company I cannot praise highly enough. They took care of us and, even after our tour, continued to treat us as clients. The safari was great, but the four extra nights in Zambia and Johannesburg were another experience.

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Our Clients love our Safari Vehicles…

Our Clients love our Safari Vehicles... 5

Safari VehiclesWe couldn’t resist showing you this picture of one of our clients hugging our safari vehicle! Why is he hugging it you may ask…? Well, it’s because all our vehicles are brilliantly designed and maintained with our own exceptionally high standards – meaning that you are guaranteed to have a ‘true’ safari experience in one of our 4×4 land cruisers! And judging from this picture our client was having the time of his life!

We have many clients sign up on a African Safari tour and ‘pray’ that the tour that they signed up for uses one of our 4×4’s… Clearly there is more to our vehicles then meets the eye. We have a variety of Vehicles that we use – but, our 4×4 Land Cruisers are the ones on demand!

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Cape Point Nature Reserve – The perfect place for a half-day holiday!

Cape Point Nature Reserve - The perfect place for a half-day holiday! 9

Cape Point Not so long ago my boyfriend and I decided to go to the Cape Point Nature Reserve… We had such an awesome time that I decided that I must share it with all of you!

Firstly, let me start by pointing out the fact that we normally end up spending our time in shopping malls buying clothes and eating at restaurants … so for us to decide to go to there… is clearly something out of the ordinary! And what a wonderful day we had – was the perfect place to feel like we were on holiday (even if it was just for one day only)…

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Botswana Safari with the Bushmen and Arno…

Botswana Safari with the Bushmen and Arno... 11

Botswana Safari Just a note before the excitement wears down.  We had an incredible adventure on the trip through Southern Africa. We covered a lot of kilometres but we experienced so much variety. Just when we had a very long hot day in the vehicle, the lodge at the end of the day was delightful.

The lodge staff was always very accommodating. The trip crisscrossing the countries gave us a lot of insight to how people live, what the countryside looks like, wild animals on the side of the road as we see cattle at home. The vehicle was comfortable.

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Exploring Madagascar South – from Fort Dauphin to Berentry…

Exploring Madagascar South - from Fort Dauphin to Berentry... 17

 Fort Dauphin Stunning empty beaches, remote villages and dancing lemurs – that’s what I’ve heard about the region of Fort Dauphin and Berentry Reserve – and that’s what I really wanted to go and see!!! Jenman Safaris allowed my colleague and me to venture to this part of Madagascar for 5 days. Our adventure started in Tana where we started to make our way to Fort Dauphin. Fort Dauphin airport is just as chaotic as any other airport in Madagascar – here you have to learn your luggage tag number in French as they call it out to the masses and you have to run to the front to grab your bag – or just do it like we did – spot your bag and grab it from the guy who is shouting something in French.

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Climbing Kilimanjaro Summit – Happy 27th Birthday Matthew!

Climbing Kilimanjaro Summit - Happy 27th Birthday Matthew! 19

Climbing KilimanjaroBasically, WE LOVED IT! The climb up Kilimanjaro was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. We all made the summit and even on Matthew’s 27th birthday – how special – so we sang Happy Birthday to him on the rooftop of Africa. Our guides – Bruno and Christopher – were excellent and really encouraging when we needed it most. I cannot say enough nice things about them. However, the team of porters was also wonderful – very supportive, very nice. As we were a small group, we got to know them fairly well and had a couple of really nice sessions of singing and dancing together, especially on the last morning. The porters and cook, etc. also sang to Matthew. Seeing their smiling faces every day, even when carrying the heavy loads, was amazing.

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Peter uncovers Madagascar on a FAM trip!

Peter uncovers Madagascar on a FAM trip! 21

This is the fourth largest island in the world (after Greenland, Papua New Guinea and Borneo for those quiz fans amongst us) and truly is a unique destination. While it is only 250 miles from the coast of Africa but might as well be ten times that distance if you are looking for comparisons.

uncovers Madagascar has some of the highest endemicity on the planet with nearly 80% of its flora and fauna being endemic. There are 30 species of lemurs that are only found on the island and another 100 mammals that are endemic to Madagascar.

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Monica discovers Namibia!

Monica discovers Namibia! 23

We arrived in Namibia on a scorching hot day at Hosea Kutako Airport, Windhoek. I had been unsure of what to expect as I knew very little about Namibia, other than it is famed for its red sand dunes… but I was soon to learn that Namibia has so much more to offer then the dunes!


On arrival we were met by our guide and driver who took us on a very brief tour of Windhoek…We then began our long trek down south to the Kalahari region – after this long drive, it was such a relief to arrive at this Bagatelle Kalahari Ranch ‘oasis’ where we were greeted with ice cold beverages! Nothing better then an ice cold drink after a long hot drive!

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The Heights of Kilimanjaro!

The Heights of Kilimanjaro! 27

A Jenman African Safaris’ employee Debbie braved the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, situated in the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro, a now-dormant volcano, rises to 5895 metres and is both the highest point in Africa and one of the highest mountains in the world.


The climb takes six days and the routes can vary, according to your preference. Debbie says that one should be careful which route one chooses, as each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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Exploring Botswana with Janina!

Exploring Botswana with Janina! 29

When I arrived at the small airport of Livingstone I could immediately feel the change of climate. The air was hot and humid and I felt like I had stepped into another world! From the airport, I was transferred to the Zambezi Waterfront Lodge, which is only a few km’s away. The very next morning we departed from the Zambezi Waterfront at 9am on the dot – we quickly left Livingstone behind us and were off to Botswana Wildlife Breakaway Adventure!

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