Dreamland is just across the border – Namibia!

Dreamland is just across the border – Namibia! 1

Source: Weekend Argus 18th July 2009
Words and pictures by Brenton Geach

Dreamland NamibiaDreamland is just across the border – Namibia! – Jenman African Safaris In Namibia, you will find endlessly long dirt roads with a scattering of wild animals along the way. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. No robots or people begging on every corner, just friendly locals. And don’t forget to buy a couple of oranges at Citrusdal to sweeten the dusty ride.

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At mother’s table

At mother’s table 2

Source: Horizons Magazine, July 2009
Written by: Gary Hirson

Mother’s tableInspired by Table Mountain’s possible status as one of the world’s new seven natural wonders, Gary Hirson decides to scramble up it for a spot of breakfast. He discovers the icon is also setting standards for eco-friendly tourism.

The gigantic stone sculpture of Table Mountain is always breathtaking. So it’s not surprising that the Cape Town icon was this year elected one of 261 natural sites from 222 countries to have made it through to the second round of the global votes race to name the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

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The Bulawayo Club – Historial club re-opens!

The Bulawayo Club - Historial club re-opens! 3

Bulawayo Club re-opensThe reopening of the newly refurbished Bulawayo Club is a milestone event in the revitalization of the Tourism Industry here in Bulawayo, the City of Kings, and in Zimbabwe as a whole.  It reflects the continuing confidence of the directors and management of the Bulawayo-based firm, the Amalinda Collection. Witnessing the gradual decline and possible demise of this historical landmark the firm took to heart the national policy of partnerships and have welded together a sound business that combines both private sector zeal and the interests of the members of this august institution. Through this they have saved for future generations one of the key historical clubs in Zimbabwe.

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Riaan Manser – COMPLETES his Madagascar adventure!

Riaan Manser – COMPLETES his Madagascar adventure! 4

Riaans Madagascar adventureRound the Outside: PRESS RELEASE

Embargoed until 15h00 (CAT) Wednesday 8th July 2009 South African solo-adventurer Riaan Manser becomes the first person to circumnavigate Madagascar by kayak, alone and unaided Riaan Manser has made history again. On Wednesday the South African solo-adventurer became the first person to circumnavigate Madagascar’s 5000km coastline by kayak, alone and unaided. Eleven months after his departure in August 2008, Manser now stands proudly among the world’s eminent adventurers, having shaken the tag of simply ‘the guy who cycled around Africa’. ‘I never realised how demanding this expedition would be,’ said Manser in May, after being detained on suspicion of being a terrorist. ‘Kayaking Madagascar is exponentially more challenging, both mentally and physically, than Africa ever was.’

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Namibia 4×4 Safari

Namibia 4x4 Safari 5

Namibia 4x4 SafariWhilst staying at a hostel in Windhoek – the capital of Namibia – I managed to hire a Bakkie with long range fuel tanks, roof tent, camping gear and spare wheels for GDP 30 per day (normally GDP 60 per day just for a basic bakkie so I was well pleased with that!) and toddled off for a trip around Namibia: 1st stop was Swakopmund which I got to via a part tarmac, part gravel road across country and thru the Namib Naukluft park. The scenery changed from barren or sparsely covered hills and valleys thru to the desert terrain of the lower country – with sightings of Impala and Gemsbok (Oryx) as the journey ended. Swakopmund is a nice place but so German it’s unbelievable! – Even down to the deli menus being in German! I stayed at a beachfront campsite overnight and had sundowner drinks at the bar actually on the beach.

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The Cape Town Chacma’s – walking with Baboons!

The Cape Town Chacma's - walking with Baboons! 6

Cape Town Chacma's walkSource: The Art of Ink Magazine, Volume 6 – No1

I have already seen baboons as dangerous primates that lurk in trees waiting to attack tourists and steal their food. This remained my uninformed opinion until I embarked on a guided walk with Chacma Baboons in the Southern Cape Peninsula.

Chacma baboons are indigenous to South Africa and at one time they roamed freely in areas such as Clifton and Camps Bay in Cape Town. Due to rapid urbanization of the Cape Peninsula the baboons have been pushed further south; with the highest concentration of baboons now living in the Tokai, Kommetjie, De Gama Park and Scarborough areas.

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Jenman Safaris potjie competition cook-off!

Jenman Safaris potjie competition cook-off! 7

Jenman potjie competitionEver wondered what our food on tour/safari tastes like? Well, Jenman Safaris was put to the test one evening at the Daddy Long Legs hotel in Cape Town. We were challenged to a cooking competition… Each safari company had to make a potjie (which is similar to a slow cooked stew), the meal was then judged and prizes were handed out… What a GREAT evening we had with lots of fun and laughter!

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Stone Town, Zanzibar!

Stone Town, Zanzibar! 9

stone-townSource: ‘The Art of Ink’ magazine, Volume 6 2009

We got lost on our first day in Stone Town, and our sense of direction did not improve the next day, or the day after that.

Zanzibar is still the best-kept secret in the Indian Ocean, with fascinating history and magnificent beaches. An archipelago made up of Unguja and Pemba Islands and several islets, Zanzibar is located some 40 kilometers from the Tanzanian coast. The archipelago is characterized by beautiful, sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, and the magical Stone Town – said to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa.

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Indaba 2009 with Jenman Safaris

Indaba 2009 with Jenman Safaris 10

indaba-standA while ago Jenman Safaris jetted off to Durban for the INDABA 2009 travel show. This year we had 2 stands – one inside and the other one was an outside stand showing off our custom built 4×4 Landcruiser …yes, a first in Southern Africa! INDABA is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and one of the top three ‘must visit’ events of its kind on the global calendar.

It showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa’s best tourism products, and attracts international visitors and media from across the world.

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Footwear distributor reveals his green soul

Footwear distributor reveals his green soul 11

Newspaper ArticleGreen issues will become a huge decision-maker for consumers.
Source: Sunday Argus, Classifieds – May 31st 2009

Andrew Jenman grew up with a strong interest in environmental matters, sparked by his mother Barbara, who started a recycling depot in the Hout Bay museum in the early 1980s and worked for many years for the Fairest Cape, winning an award from the government for her pioneering efforts.

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Jumbo Dispute pits miner against park

Jumbo Dispute pits miner against park 12

Jumbo DisputeSource: Sunday Times, June 7th 2009

Orphaned elephants caught in the middle.

A standoff between a gold mining company and a herd of orphan elephants at a wildlife sanctuary has landed up in court and prompted an international outcry. Conservationists are trying to stop the Maranda Mining Company from scaring animals by blasting for gold inside the San Wild Wildlife Sanctuary in Limpopo.

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The dangers of Table Mountain… don’t fall!

The dangers of Table Mountain… don’t fall! 13

 Table Mountain DangersRecently, it was reported that a man fell to his death near the cable car station on the top of Table Mountain. According to sources he was sitting on a rock near the cable car station and had some sort of seizure… causing him to fall. Apparently, he did not fall far BUT as he was climbing up he had another seizure causing him to lose his balance and fall to his death!  He was found on the Upper Africa Ledge which means that he fell approximately 70m! It is believed that he was a visitor to Table Mountain and not a hiker/climber.

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Mozambique Adventures!!!

Mozambique Adventures!!! 14

Mozambique AdventuresI got up early (like 4:30am) to get a lift from the shuttle bus…however I hadn’t been given a receipt to show I’d paid my hostel bill, so the security guard wouldn’t let me out!…after waking the girl who couldn’t remember that it was HER I’d paid (!) we eventually sorted it out. Of course now I had to get a Chapas to Inhambane, so an hour and 30mins MORE than was agreed later 🙁 I arrived at Inhambane where I decided (as I was still quite early for the next bus) to get a Dhow across the estuary to Maxxis (the northern route bus station) I passed captain John (EH!) my bag then waded after him into the dhow – obviously getting my shorts wet in the process…….only THEN did aforesaid captain go back to shore to get more people and CARRY them over so they DIDNT get wet!!!!! Then we ran out of wind half way across and they had to row/punt the boat across! 1.5 hrs later we arrived JUST after the bus had left!

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Garden Route Trip with our German Intern!

Garden Route Trip with our German Intern! 15

Garden Route Trip Recently our latest edition to Jenman Safaris – our very own Marketing intern (Svea) from Germany – decided to take a trip to the Garden Route on a long weekend. She has been asking us lots of questions of ‘where to go’, ‘what to see’, ‘where to eat’…. And she had decided that the Garden route was a must! So after persuading some of her flat mates off she went on a trip to the Garden Route, read what she has to say below: (and yes Svea, we are looking forward to hearing more of your highlights in and around Cape Town 🙂 )

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Madagascar Nosy Be 2009 Holiday

Madagascar Nosy Be 2009 Holiday 16

Madagascar 2009Despite the unstable political situation since the beginning of the year, Ian, Marcine, Carolyn, Bunny, Lol and Schalk took advantage of the lull in Madagascar’s tourism to make the most this charming tropical island, discovering a quiet, safe hideaway.

“Bon jour! …Um, how do you say ‘full body massage’ in French?”

Darn, despite our five-week crash course in French we had clearly still not learnt all the important bits. At least we didn’t have to worry about obnoxious tourists, long queues and exorbitant prices. Since the coup that shook Madagascar at the beginning of the year the constant flow of tourists from Italy and France had all but ceased. It is important to note, that at no time did we feel threatened or unsafe- the Malagasy people went out of their way to welcome us and make our stay in their beautiful country a memorable one.  Another great advantage is that no visas are required until December 2009.

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The Real Madagascar

The Real Madagascar 17

Real MadagascarGill Charlton visits the island that inspired an animated Hollywood Blockbuster – and finds the lemurs ever bit as sassy as their cartoon counterparts.

Source: the Sunday Times, August.

Each day at dusk, the cat and its companion, a brave little mouse lemur, step out of the rainforest shadows to delight a score if visitors who have spent the day traipsing along muddy paths in search of elusive wild lemurs. Today we are doubly fortunate; a real glamourpuss puts in an appearance: The rare red-bellied lemur flings her long tail around her neck like a fur stole and poses round-eyed for our lenses, coping with the whirrs and flashes like an old pro. Bananas are accepted with dignity by hands that look almost human.

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Jenman African Safaris – Guide workshop 2009 DAY 2 to 4

Jenman African Safaris – Guide workshop 2009 DAY 2 to 4 18

Guide WorkshopDay 3 of the workshop was to be spent re-introducing all of the guides to all of the managers of the various departments in JAS. Each manager had a presentation for the guides and explained in detail how their department fits into the company and the role that they play in creating successful tours. We had Angela Bryant from HR, Wiebke Priilaid from our Product Department, Bettina Wiederkehr from Sales, Katja Quasdorf from Marketing – who had everybody laughing with her definitions of different marketing strategies – and Rebecca Marshall from the Madagascar and Angola Product Department who had everyone enthralled with the different Angolan and Malagasy destinations. The guides gained valuable insight into how the tours are crafted and molded from start to finish, and the high standards Jenman African Safaris require from all their guides, equipment, departments and staff. One of our Guides, Will Jansen then took the floor and gave a very interesting and informative lecture on Photography, and how to maximize the guests’ chances of capturing and recording the best possible photographs whilst on safari.

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Jenman African Safaris – Guide workshop 2009 DAY 1 to 3

Jenman African Safaris – Guide workshop 2009 DAY 1 to 3 19

Guide workshop 2009A Jenman African Safaris Guide is a truly multi-faceted individual who is required to drive our guests safely over what can be thousands of kilometers in a single safari (this also frequently involves specialized 4×4 driving). At the same time our guide needs to inform and educate our guests on a wide range of subjects such as fauna, flora, local cultures, history, geography, politics, and a host of other subjects. Our guide has to be constantly aware of the guests’ safety and comfort at all times, whilst still ensuring that nothing detracts from their enjoyment of what should be a trip of a lifetime. He or she has to constantly manage the timings of the safari in order to ensure that the group have frequent breaks and yet still arrive at their destinations with enough time to fully appreciate the local attractions.

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Consultants FAM TRIP to the Cedarberg!

Consultants FAM TRIP to the Cedarberg! 20

Consultants FAM TRIPOur consultants FAM TRIP departed on 27 March @1300pm. We left the office and after a quick “diesel stop” we headed off towards the N1 and soon we were on our way to the Cedarberg! As we were a group of ladies we had to have an inevitable toilet break er-route…. Once we got off the main road we traveled for about 1.5 hours on gravel road… So, an important note to anyone planning to travel that way, your car should be able to handle the roads! The 1.5 hours on gravel road felt much longer, the scenery was dry, rocky and bush. Needless to say we were quite happy when we reached Sandrift Campsite, our stop for the night. As this was a “work trip” it had to be run as one of our scheduled safari trips. Jan, who was our guide for the trip quickly, gave us an idea of what “semi participation” is…

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The Consultants’ Cedarberg and West Coast National Park weekend away!

The Consultants’ Cedarberg and West Coast National Park weekend away! 22

Cedarburg EducationalSeven Chicks and one lonely guy, Jan (our guide for the weekend), left the office all excited and ready to go on an adventure….and what an adventure it was. Not having driven on the N7 for quite some time, it was beautiful to see the country-side again. After a couple of hours driving and some well deserved drinks we needed an urgent pit stop, which came just in time for Miriam, who at that stage already had tears in her eyes…if you know what I mean!

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6 Day Botswana Classic Safari with Bettina (Part 2)!

6 Day Botswana Classic Safari with Bettina (Part 2)! 23

Botswana Classic Safari day 2Following on from the previous blog:

Before I arrived at Planet Baobab I was wondering: “Why the name?” And after just a short while I realized that there really were so many huge Baobab trees in the area and that it really is the “Baobab Capital of the World”! With the average age of the trees amongst us being 4000 years, the walk into the Baobab capitol and the use of the medicinal plants, explained to us by our local guide, proved to be very educational. But not before enjoying the coolest and most welcoming pool in the Kalahari! A sunset drink to end of the walk was a “must” and as you can see, the sunset was awesome!

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6 Day Botswana Classic Safari with Bettina! (Part 1)

6 Day Botswana Classic Safari with Bettina! (Part 1) 24

Botswana Classic SafariI was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to travel on our Botswana Classic Scheduled Safari from the 12th to the 17th of March 2009 – and just as thrilled to be able to “drag” my partner, Antonie along. Herewith my blog on the trip:

We flew from Cape Town via Johannesburg on an early flight on the 10th and then connected with BA to Livingstone. I am afraid Livingstone airport is not much to write about so I won’t mention much. I was happy to be a South African because the queue for the foreigners was awfully long with only one Customs official to attend to them. $50 got you a Visa – pretty steep! We were warmly greeted by Jan who looks after the Jenman Safaris Livingstone office – and he kindly drove us around to all the hotels in the area so that I could “inspect” them.

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A Thing of Booty… THE BIG STORY: ILE ST MARIE, MADAGASCAR 26Its pirate past is but one golden nugget on this island teeming with treasures, writes Fred de Vries.

Source: Sunday Times, 5th April 2009, Author: Fred de Vries

So that’s where they are, buried on a humid swampy, sickly green Malagasy hill: the pirates and corsairs of St Mary’s, who terrorized the Indian Ocean in the last 17th and early 18th centuries. The tombs are overgrown and covered in black fungus. And as if to further emphasise the authenticity, some of the stones have been decorated with the ominous skull and crossbones.


Zimbabwe Travels, Adventures and FUN!

Zimbabwe Travels, Adventures and FUN! 27

Zimbabwe TravelsSo, we crossed the border and stayed at Shoestrings hostel in Victoria Falls …nice place though pretty empty (we’re in the rainy season remember so not a top tourist time). First things first: Money changing!.There are 2 options: No.1 the official way ~ change 1 US dollar for 30,000 Zim dollars. Or no.2 black-market ~ change 1 US dollar for 2,000,000 (yes, MILLION) Zim dollars! …we opted for no.2 😉 So with money changed, its time for some sightseeing: The view of the Falls from the Zim side is fabulous! You get a ‘frontal’ view of the Falls and can walk along the length of them (though from the other side of the gorge).Incredible sight right the way along. And we got to see a rainbow from Danger Point too…which was nice. Downside is you get absolutely sodden! Again though: a sight not to be missed if you ever get here (the choice is yours as to whether you want to see the falls in full flow or fairly quiet).

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There’s been a coup. Is it safe?

There’s been a coup. Is it safe? 28

safe?Tourists have been scared off as foreign officials panic.

Source: Sunday Times, April 5th 2009 – Paul Ash

Following the recent coup in Madagascar, a number of countries have issued official notices warning their citizens not to travel to the island. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office notes, “There has been political unrest in Madagascar since January 2009. There have been violent incidents and looting in Antananarivo and regional centres across the country, resulting in a number of deaths.”

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Saw a Male Lion – a first in the Tuli Block Reserve!

Saw a Male Lion - a first in the Tuli Block Reserve! 29

Tuli Block Reserve-male lionAfter a busy day’s counting general Game, we got a fleeting view of another leopard after Stuart spotted fresh tracks at a koppie: he got out to follow the tracks whilst I drove the Landcruiser with students around the other side to see what we could see…as I drove, the leopard crossed the track and disappeared into the bush….shame was, I was the only person not to see it as I was concentrating on driving!

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Shark Cage diving in Cape Town….

Shark Cage diving in Cape Town…. 31

Shark Cage divingIf you ever saw the movie JAWS you will remember this huge killer shark attacking people left, right and centre and no one could catch it.  It was gruesome! Known as a killing machine!  Now think of yourself getting into a cage with these spectacular animals and NO not hunting the Great Whites but actually learning more about them and also how we can protect them. The Great White is a protected species as their numbers have dwindled incredibly over the last few decades. People kill them for their JAWS and they also get wiped out due to Shark Finning, a cruel and horrible sight to see. The only problem is that they get killed before they even get a chance to reproduce, resulting in fewer and fewer sharks in our waters.

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