The Big 5 Club: Why did our company decide to help out a local school?

Our company, Jenman African Safaris, offers every employee the chance to help out a nearby school every two weeks. We have two teams of 8 people – and every second week a group goes to play with the kids in our lunch break. It’s just two hours of our time a month; but it’s already proving invaluable with some of the kids recognising our faces and names. And hush, hush, we have all picked our favourite students already!

Bronwyn playing with the children of Dingani Primary School

Martina have fun with the children

We play all our favourite childhood games, do colouring in and read books. But most of all – we try to speak as much English with them as possible – as many kids come from bilingual homes where the main spoken language is Zulu, Xhosa or Shona.

Having a ball of a time!

The children looking very happy upon our arrival
Rosmead Primary School is located in Claremont, Cape Town, just a short walk from the Jenman offices. While it’s a fairly middleclass area, the school has over 700 pupils. The majority of children commute daily from far flung townships. Due to parents’ limited incomes, school fees are low and the money does not cover the school’s operational costs.

Kate and Andre doing some teaching

Kimberley and the kids having fun

Organised as part of the Grow Africa initiative, our aim is not just to play with the kids but to also see the bigger picture. We hope to: assist the school with basic education facilities, raise funds for a new sports fields and develop the library.

Who doesn't love play time!

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