honey badger

Bet you didn’t know all of this about honey badgers…

honey badger
Honey Badger in the Etosha National Park

It’s always difficult to choose a favourite animal, bird or country, but if I had to choose a favourite animal, I would choose the honey badger… It is one of the toughest creatures other there – feisty, fierce and tenacious. Evolution even engineered cheetah cubs to mimic their (honey badgers) black and white colouring, so they will look less like a cheetah…. Animals tend to not attack honey badgers, so evolution was very clever in this regard.

Honey badgers are mostly active during the night time, but if you are lucky you might be able to spot them during the day!

They are always very busy little animals – moving, digging and scrounging around for something to eat. They are also not very picky about what they eat, if they catch it, they will eat it. Though, as their name suggests, they have a special love for honey!

honey badger
Honey Badgers in the Etosha National Park

We found this mom and her young one in the Etosha National Park on safari. The mom was digging furiously around for something to snack on. You can even see a pale chanting goshawk hanging around in the background, hoping to get some craps.

Males and females looks the same and can be found all over Southern Africa, except in mountainous forests and desert areas. Females are pregnant for about 6 months and usually produce 2 young; they can live to about 25 years old.

While lions and pythons are their main enemies, they have some sort of immunity against some of the serious venoms about it. There was footage in the Kalahari that was captured, showing how a badger caught a cobra and started to eat it! After eating the head, the honey badger’s head swelled up and he passed out… only to wake up some time afterwards and continue eating his meal… never a dull moment with honey badgers!

Chantel, Jenman Safaris Guide


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