Of Beaches and Bush

best of both worlds

When it comes to our day and age, we’re often forced to choose between two things, usually at an expense of our own. Quality time with family becomes a rare luxury as a result of the highly pressurised corporate world, and we’re made to feel guilty that we aren’t chained to our desks whenever we take a much-needed break. Even when we do decide to take a vacation, we find ourselves limited by the pressures of time and travel. Luckily, with the Safari and Sands Package from Jenman African Safaris, you and your family can enjoy the best of both worlds, packed perfectly into a 7-day break away from the stress and strain of modern-day living.

best of both worlds

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Have you been to that restaurant?


Cape Town has a great offer of many delicious gastronomic specialties from all over the world. In this blog we want to show you our most favorite places.

GOLD Restaurant
“Celebrate the culture of an African Restaurant, experience unique African and Cape Malay cuisine as GOLD Restaurant takes you on a taste safari.”

This is how the popular GOLD Restaurant describes itself. You will have the possibility to sample cuisine from their Cape Malay kitchen or enjoy their well-loved traditional African inspired dishes. The menu is served at the table as a set tasting menu either in sharing or individual portions. It is one of the best places to enjoy tasteful food while relaxing in a beautiful dining area adorned with unique African decoration and entertainment. While you eat, African drumming, interactive Djembe drumming session and a soothing hand washing ceremony provides for incredible, immersive entertainment.

Food at Gold Restaurant

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Experience Madagascar’s Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer

barefoot luxury southern explorer

The Feeling Madagscar brings is something that can’t easily be captured by words. It’s best to experience it and there are few better ways to experience it then the Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer. However, Robyn Portious wanted to prove to us that she can get fairly close to the experience through words. Read her blog below and see what you think?

Day 1
We land in the capital city of the island, Antananarivo, and are greeted by our guide, a warm English-speaking man who tells us about the various things we see from behind the windows of our vehicle transfer to our hotel, The Pavillion de l’Emyrne. The hotel is situated in the heart of the old town of Antananarivo and used to be a private residence in the 1930s. Today it plays its role of a comfortable guest house, retaining all of its old world charm. We’re able to settle in and I find myself still somewhat disbelieving of the adventure I’ve begun – an adventure to Madagascar.


barefoot luxury southern explorer
The Pavillion de l’Emyrne

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Our Tailor Made Tours get discovered by Students

tailor made tours

Recently Jeremy Thompson took some of the Reddam House Students on one of our tailor made tours.
He enjoyed his journey so much, that he wrote about it. Here’s Jeremy’s story:

I recently took a group of 7 students from Reddam House in Constantia on an AMAZING tour of Northern KZN and Mozambique. We worked with Jenman African Safaris to design a custom wildlife tour that covered both game reserves and unspoilt marine life. An overland 4X4 vehicle picked us up at King Shaka, and took us to Hluhluwe Umfolozi where we stayed in the huts at Hluhluwe. If you ever want to see White Rhino – that is the place to go!

tailor made tours
Packing up and loading the vehicle

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Visit the World’s Best Tourist Destination Zimbabwe


Despite what you think you know about Zimbabwe, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the country will surpass your expectations in every way imaginable. As a perfectly timed testament to this claim, the European Council on Tourism and Trade has elected Zimbabwe as the World’s Best Tourist Destination for 2014. The unanimous vote was announced … Read moreVisit the World’s Best Tourist Destination Zimbabwe

Meet Madagascar – Where getting around is Half the Fun


If you were asked to describe an island paradise, we’re pretty sure that all of the words you chose to use could likewise be used to explain Madagascar. The Indian Ocean’s island home to lemurs, baobabs, tropical rainforest, stretches of beach, desert and more, Madagascar is a dream destination for lovers of nature and the outdoors alike. And half of the fun of any trip to the island, is in the actual journeys from one incredible attraction to the next.

The view of the ocean

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Learn about the Magic of Madiba as You Follow in His Footsteps


Madiba Magic. It means something different to everyone, but to anyone it’s real.

To South African rugby fans for example, it’s the sense of hope that they felt as President Nelson Mandela, donning a number 6 Springbok jersey, held the hard-won Rugby World Cup Trophy high above his head, watched by the millions of faces of the young democratic nation of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela

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Harare International Carnival

harare international carnival

Zimbabwe is getting ready to host its’ annual Harare International Carnival this month from 16th – 25th May with a record 23 countries expected to participate in this year’s carnival. The carnival created by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) is a week-long event aimed at showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. Harare is a beautiful city and is also the cultural capital of Zimbabwe with a variety of high profile cultural activities that take place each year.

harare international carnival
Performers in the street

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The Lesser Known Botswana


When people think of Botswana, there are a number of things that come to mind. These things include the countries wide open plains that stretch seemingly unending into the distance; or its range of wildlife that hunt, live and breed in the beauty and safety of its national parks; or even the unique opportunity offered to all who visit Botswana to immerse themselves into its culture, wildness and diversity.

Hippo popping it’s head out of the water

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The White Beaches of Zanzibar

white beaches

Few of us are able to say that we’ve never fantasised about what it would be like to lose track of time as you lie beneath the warm rays of the sun, your fingers sifting through the soft white sands that surround you, with the lapping of the ocean nearby as the only sound you can hear. As the sun travels across the azure blue sky, you even imagine the feeling of weightlessness you experience as you wade into the ocean and submerse yourself beneath its warm waters.

white beaches
Beach of Zanzibar

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4 tips on how to survive the African bush

african bush

Did you ever ask yourself how it would feel to be stranded in the bush? What would you do? Where would you sleep? What would you eat? How would you be safe from the wild animals? Last but not least, do you think you would be able to survive?

Although this all might sound a little dramatic, even exaggerated, and is very unlikely to happen we still would like to give you a piece of advice for surviving the African bush. And who could better provide you with useful tips than one of our experienced and professional guides? We asked Chantel, who has long experience on the road, for some random advice on how to survive in Africa. Below you can find 4 of her tips which you might find useful:

african bush
Crocodile popping it’s head out of the water

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CapeTownSafaris.com… Your window into the ‘Mother City’

cape town

The allure of Cape Town is amazing. From the time you step off the plane you will know you are in a special city; – full of character which can be felt right from the warmth and smiles from the locals of the city. Recently voted the number one city in the world to visit in 2014 by the acclaimed NY Times Travel, Cape Town definitely has a way of making sure it captures your heart and you may even feel like you never want to leave…yes it is that special!

cape town
View of Table Mountain from the V & A Waterfront

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A Snapshot of the Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer Tour


My first night in the gorgeous city of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, is spent soaking up the charm and history that radiates in the air around the Pavillon de L’Emyrne. Originally built as a private residence, it now serves as a guesthouse that warmly welcomes my arrival to this island paradise. The following morning’s … Read moreA Snapshot of the Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Southern Explorer Tour

The fight against rhino poaching is taken to the next level with Drones


If you spend some time at Ol Pejeta Wildlife Sanctuary on the slopes of Mt Kenya you may see a strange flying object overhead. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just Aerial RangerTM, an automated air craft monitoring the 90 000 hectare grounds for poaching.

A Aerial RangerTM hovering over rhino’s in the field

Image: Mock-up of Aerial RangerTM

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The Ship Wrecks of the Cape of Good Hope

good hope

The ‘Graveyard of ships’ is the apt name of the Cape of Good Hope for this coastal line is marred with nearly 3000 sunken ships. So many stories lie at the pit of this merciless ocean and only a few of them have submerged to keep the ships alive. In this blog, we take you through the most famous along with where you can go find them and their stories next time you book your stay with us in Cape Town.

The Ship Wrecks of the Cape of Good Hope 1

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Did you know Southern Africa

southern africa

Southern Africa is a traveller’s paradise with so much to explore and to see within a region rich in wildlife, fauna and amazing cultural diversity. It is a destination that leaves you spoilt for choice with so many amazing activities and wonderful adventures to be experienced. Each country in the southern region of Africa has its own set of unique attributes that set it apart from the other, how much do you know about each of these wonderful countries…

southern africa
West Coast National Park

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3 Botswana meals you have to try

botswana meals

One of the best experiences during travelling is to get to know other cultures, customs and traditions. A good way to start with these experiences is through trying the cuisine of the different countries. Botswana is renown for their rich range of wildlife. But only a minority of people know that the cuisine is exceptionally good and must most certainly be tried. Despite beans and maize, Botswana is also “famous” for the high quality of its local beef. Many tourists only eat the upmarket cuisine at the lodges. So why don’t you go beyond the average traveller and try the traditional dishes of Botswana?

botswana meals
Botswana dishes

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cape town

Cape Town was recently voted the number one destination to see and visit in 2014 by the prestigious The New York Times Travel ’52 Places to Go in 2014’ list earlier this year. This comes as no surprise as this magical city has so much to offer all of its visitors. Depending on what you are looking for, be it a cultural experience, adventure filled holiday, to trying some of the world’s best wines, Cape Town offers all this and more. Most people are unaware that Cape Town also offers a host of adrenaline-pumping activities that will get your heart rate going. Here are some of the outrageous activities you can look forward to in the Mother City…

Shark Cage Diving – Outrageous at it seems yes people actually love to dive in the ocean and get up-close to these ocean predators. With over 40 species that can be found in Cape Town, this makes the city a popular attraction for the heart-pumping shark cage diving activity. We recommend making the journey to Gansbaii, known as the white shark capital of the world.

cape town
Shark cage diving



An Indiana Jones’ like adventure through the Uganda Discoverer

indiana jones

Have you ever had an Indiana Jones urge? The urge to go on an adventure, to see animals you never thought you’d see, to go to places with names like the ‘Impenetrable forest’? This urge can be satisfied in the thick jungles of Uganda. There’s a tour run by Jenman African Safaris which makes you feel like Harrison Ford has just retired all his kit to you. Except, unlike Harrison, your place of rest will be a little bit more comfortable and you won’t be attacked by snakes.

indiana jones
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

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One country, one big tradition – Zulu Reed Dance

zulu reed dance

Every year in South Africa an annual ceremony known as the Mkhosi woMhlanga or the Zulu Reed Dance, a centuries-old tradition takes place once a year, right at the start of spring over several days, at the eNyokeni Palace in Nongoma, Zululand.

South Africa has over the centuries advanced and modernised; but in this part of the country they still hold onto their tradition with this event that see’s young virgin girls sing and dance half naked with a skirt and partake in other activities such as collecting and presenting cut reeds in homage to their culture. This festival is designed to help young Zulu girls prepare for womanhood; and is a highlight for many tourists visiting the country who join the friends and relatives of thousands of young girls attired in traditional Zulu dress to watch them sing, dance and celebrate their culture. This is an emotive, powerful and moving experience.

zulu reed dance
Girls with traditional reed

The festival takes place every year in September. More than 10,000 maidens from all over the country come to the KwaZulu-Natal region, to celebrate this significant part of the Zulu heritage. The ceremony lasts for several days and is a very popular South African tourist highlight.

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Lalibela – The Holy City of Ethiopia


Built from the mind of an Emperor whose very birth was spoken of as a miraculous event, Lalibela is a place of ancient wonder and spiritual discovery. In the beginning the town was known as Roha, eventually gleaming its name from its noteworthy ruler, Saint Gebre Mesqel Lalibela. From birth, Saint Gebre made an impact, with his mother telling all who would listen of the swarm of bees that surrounded him as baby. An event that she, and so many others, took as a sign of his future reign of Emperor of Ethiopia.

A building in the ground known as Lalibela

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Staying at the Exotic Tsara Komba Lodge in Madagascar

tsara komba lodge

They say a picture says a thousand words, but sometimes, when the picture is Photoshopped then that thousand words can say a little bit more than what it really should. This however is not the case with Tsara Komba lodge, for as the boat transfer brings you and your luggage into view of the amazing resort, you begin to wonder if any Photoshop technique could do it justice.

tsara komba lodge
Nosy Komba

Situated on the Island of Nosy Komba (Part of the Madagascan Islands, and famously known as ‘Lemur Island’ for its unbelievable Lemur population), this little piece of heaven is a relaxation paradise. As you lie on the deck and close your eyes, all you can hear is the waves crashing against the sand, and the sound of the fisherman making their way to and from the village.

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Getting ‘artsy’ with food

cape town

If you are a real ‘foodie’, then you’ll understand the frequent urge to let your taste buds loose and try something new, wonderful and exciting. My wife and I are like this, which is why we recommend you try the Spice Route in Cape Town.
Some of the finest craftsman in South Africa have come together to create a unique experience for your senses. French Pizza, home grown beer, chocolates made from coco beans from across the world, local wines, local biltong and skilful attempts to blend these tastes is what has made the Spice Route such a tourist attraction.

cape town
View from the restaurant


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Hang Ten in the Mother City

The Western Cape coastline of South Africa is one that’s dotted with numerous points and bays, which – as any surfer worth his weight in board wax will know – are two of the ingredients that go into the making of some gnarly waves!


With a range of diverse locations sprinkled along the Western Cape coastline, each with its own attractions, we’ve decided to give you the low-down on where you can hang ten, regardless of whether you’ve been surfing since before you could walk or have never touched a surfboard in your life.

mother city
Hang ten in the mother city



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Travel Illnesses and how to deal with them

travel illnesses

Although I have not been officially diagnosed with it, I have what I would term a highly sensitive body. My mornings begin with that tickle in my nose telling me which direction the wind is blowing and confirming the blossoming of some plant outside my window.  Some mornings I’ll wake up and my eyes burn and itch and I know it’s going to be a windy day in Cape Town. That said I fully empathize with the traveller that may experience one discomfort or another.  I have learnt from my personal experience with the body that there is a solution to many of these symptoms. These shouldn’t be a hindrance to you fully enjoying your holiday.  We highlight some of the more common issues of the body.

travel illnesses
A Lion who is sick of travellers



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