Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda 1

There are six peaks, the highest of which is Mt. Margherita, which is the third highest mountain in Africa. These beautiful peaks offer stunning scenery and a range of hikes from easy walking to challenging mountain treks. Visitors will enjoy the vast array of giant heathers, lobelias and groundsels, and may see any of the…

Primates, Uganda

Primates, Uganda 2

The mountains of Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks are home to five habituated and endangered gorilla troops.

Mgahinga National Park, Uganda

Mgahinga National Park, Uganda 3

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is Uganda’s smallest national park. Sitting high in the clouds in South Western Uganda, the park is home to around 39 mammal species including giant forest hogs, fronted duikers, buffaloes, and elephants. It is famous for both the endangered mountain gorilla and golden monkey. Its habitat is also homestead to 79…