Tulear 1


Apart from several interesting churches, most of Tulear’s remaining buildings are fairly nondescript, as is its setting against a backdrop … Read more Tulear


Tsingy Nature Reserve

The Tsingy de Bemaraha is a vast area of rock formations consisting of razor-sharp spikes referred to as Tsingy which … Read more Tsingy Nature Reserve

Tamatave 2


Toamasina is a popular vacation destination among the Malagasy and is to Antanarivo what Brighton is to London, or Nice … Read more Tamatave

Sainte Marie 3

Sainte Marie

Most hotels on Sainte Marie are along the coast south of Ambodifotatra, where the beach is narrow but pleasant. The … Read more Sainte Marie

Ranomafana National Park 4

Ranomafana National Park

The main tribal group in the area is the Tanala, who are known for the honey they produce, as well … Read more Ranomafana National Park

Nosy Be 5

Nosy Be

With an area of 321 km2, Nosy Be (‘Big Island’) is the largest of Madagascar’s offshore islands. It’s often billed … Read more Nosy Be

Isalo National Park 6

Isalo National Park

Park National de Isalo, also commonly known as Isalo National Park, was established in 1962 and covers 81,540 hectares of … Read more Isalo National Park

Fianarantsoa 7


Fianarantsoa was founded in 1830 when Queen Ranavalona decided to build an intermediate capital between Antananarivo and the remote southern … Read more Fianarantsoa

Diego Suarez 8

Diego Suarez

In the late 19th century, the French established a naval base here, which remained until 1973. Today Antsiranana is a … Read more Diego Suarez

Antananarivo 9


Antananarivo is a city for walking. Some of the most interesting places and views will be chanced upon during leisurely … Read more Antananarivo

Andasibe National Park 10

Andasibe National Park

Topographically, the area is characterised by low hills covered by a degraded forest and dotted with a few small, attractive … Read more Andasibe National Park

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