Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains

The park is made up of a rocky massif, which slopes down to grasslands – the massif is cut by … Read more Simien Mountains

Rift Valley Lakes 1

Rift Valley Lakes

Lakes Lagano, Abiata and Shala are perhaps the most popular of the seven – one lake is blue, one is … Read more Rift Valley Lakes

Ethiopia 2


History & Background: Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Sub Saharan Africa. The earliest evidence of Ethiopian history was … Read more Ethiopia

Blue Nil Falls

Bahar Dar

Lake Tana is scattered with islands, many of which are home to monasteries. Some of these monasteries were built as … Read more Bahar Dar

People Outside the church

Addis Ababa

The city’s Ethnographic Museum is an ideal place to start learning about Ethiopia’s rich ethnic diversity. It has an impressive … Read more Addis Ababa

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