Tuli Block Reserve 1

Tuli Block Reserve

Tuli, which derives its name from a river in Zimbabwe, has a rather interesting frontier history because of its strategic … Read more Tuli Block Reserve

Tsodilo Hills 2

Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills derived its name from the Hambukushu word ‘Soriles” which means sheer. These hills contain many historic Bushmen (San) … Read more Tsodilo Hills


Savuti Game Reserve

The Botswana Savuti Game Reserve lies south of Linyanti and covers an area of over 5000 square kilometres in the … Read more Savuti Game Reserve

Okavango Delta 3

Okavango Delta

The unique system of waterways which is known as the Okavango Delta in the Republic of Botswana is a large … Read more Okavango Delta

Nxai Pan National Park 4

Nxai Pan National Park

Taking a Botswana safari through the Nxai Pan National Park will introduce you to the many sights and sounds of … Read more Nxai Pan National Park

Nata Bird Sanctuary 5

Nata Bird Sanctuary

The Nata Bird Sanctuary is home to many species of African mammal wildlife and birdlife; in fact, most of the … Read more Nata Bird Sanctuary

Botswana and Zimbabwe

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi has been described as one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Africa, with a great diversity of plant … Read more Moremi Game Reserve

Mokoros 6


The mokoro canoes are made from the dug-out trunk of a large and straight Ebony or Kigelia tree. As one … Read more Mokoros

Mashatu Game Reserve 7

Mashatu Game Reserve

Situated in the Tuli block, the landscape is a combination of forest, savannah, open plains and sandstone areas.  The Mashatu … Read more Mashatu Game Reserve

Makgadikgadi Pans 8

Makgadikgadi Pans

The Makgadikgadi Pans are a less frequented holiday safari destination in Botswana and make for a hauntingly beautiful vacation, particularly … Read more Makgadikgadi Pans

Linyanti Game Reserve 9

Linyanti Game Reserve

Our safaris in Botswana will take you on an unforgettable journey of history and culture, showing you the best aspects … Read more Linyanti Game Reserve

Khwai River 10

Khwai River

The Khwai River is situated on the Northern side of Botswana, near a village called the Khwai Village.  This village … Read more Khwai River

Khama Rhino Sanctuary 11

Khama Rhino Sanctuary

The Rhino Sanctuary in Botswana derived its name from Serestse Khama who was accredited for the independence (1965) and non-racial … Read more Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Kalahari 12


Botswana today is largely bush, trees and grasses, clutching rather unsteadily on arid soil. However, this translates into a vast, … Read more Kalahari

Gemsbok Area 13

Gemsbok Area

The history of the Gemsbok National Park in Botswana is important: it was established in 1931 with the aim of … Read more Gemsbok Area

Chobe National Park 14

Chobe National Park

Taking a safari in Chobe National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but many of our guests return again to re-live … Read more Chobe National Park

Botswana Animals 15

Botswana Animals

Botswana is an important safari destination in Southern Africa, as tourism income supports efforts in ecological sustainability and nature conservation. … Read more Botswana Animals

Baines Baobabs 16

Baines Baobabs

The Nxai Pan National Park has recognized the importance of the Baines Baobabs, and efforts are in place to ensure … Read more Baines Baobabs

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