Zululand, South Africa

Historically Zululand was filled with different tribes and clans – all unique in their own right. In 1816 the Zulu throne was handed over to Shaka Zulu who went on to conquer all of the neighbouring clans… This brought the Zulu tribe into power for this South African Region. The Zulu tribe then went on to support the Mtetwe clan creating a very powerful and strategic alliance. To this day the Zulu tribe is still the dominating tribe (prompting the region to be referred to as Zululand)…

Zululand is one of 11 district municipalities in the KwaZulu-Natal Province boasting the true Zulu experience for travellers.… It is characterized by mangrove swamps, clear lagoons, rolling green hills and beautiful indigenous forests. Zululand is without a doubt the best place to visit in South Africa if you are looking to find out more & experience the African Culture at its best. A visit to Ulundi (site of the final battle of the Anglo-Zulu war) and Emakhosini Valley (where a Zulu King lies buried) is highly recommended to anyone in this area on holiday.

The largest reserve in Zululand is Hluhlwe-Umfolozi Reserve where the protected white rhinos were saved from near extinction. Besides these magnificent rhinos you can see; hippos, crocodiles, antelope, oribi, red duikers, bush babys’, leopards, white tailed mongooses, small spotted genets and hyenas.

The best time to travel to Zululand is in the cooler months – May to October is the optimal time. Rainfall occurs between October and March and is at it’s highest in January. Generally all year round travel is great! The average temperature in January is 28ºC and the average temperature in July is 22ºC.

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