Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek is a semi-climatic region with most days in the year being very warm, making it an idyllic stopover whilst on safari in Namibia. Windhoek retains its heat all year round due to the mountains that obstruct the heat from leaving Windhoek, which also provide shelter to the city.

There are a variety of highlights that can be seen in Windhoek during a Namibian safari. One such highlight is the Alte Festung, or the ‘old fortress’. Once the military headquarters of Windhoek, it stands today as a state museum and retains the title as the oldest building in Windhoek, with foundations that were laid in 1890.

Another highlight on any Namibian safari stopover in Windhoek is the Christuskirche Church, which was built in 1910 for the Lutheran congregation and stands today as a national monument made of sandstone.

Windhoek was originally inhabited by the Herero people and in the early 19th Century the Nama Chief defeated the Herero and took over the area. In 1885 Windhoek became the seat of colonial rule and in 1892 it became known as ‘German South West Africa’. Windhoek plays an important part in the trade of Namibia as a major trading centre of sheep skin, and it a town filled with history that includes period of time under colonial rule and eventual independence in 1990..

As a result of all of this, it’s no wonder that Windhoek is an incredibly popular destination during Namibian safaris. Have a look at our Namibia safari packages that pass through Windhoek, or read about the other attractions that you can experience whilst on a Namibian safari.