Painted Dog Conservation Centre, Zimbabwe

The centre offers conservation courses as well as rehabilitation of injured wild dogs.

The Painted Dog Conservation Centre located near Hwange National Park is a successful wildlife rehabilitation centre in Zimbabwe. The centre focuses on helping both humans and dogs – with high-quality courses that teach conservation, as well as a rehabilitation area for injured or orphaned dogs. Employees are trained from local communities, spreading their knowledge amongst others living on the park’s borders. They take you on a tour of the centre, as well as introduce you to any dogs in the rehabilitation programme.

The wild dogs unfortunately get snared up in poachers traps. The centre aims to address such threats with anti-poaching units removing any snares found in the bush, totalling an average of 3000 snares a year. The snares are then repurposed, employing local residents to create art and craft from the wire. This centre instills a sense of pride and respect in the environment, hopefully for generations to come – giving wild dogs a fighting chance.