Wild Coast, South Africa

Natural attractions include the Hluleka Nature Reserve, the famous ‘Hole in the Wall’ and the Luchaba Nature Reserve.

Extending all the way from the Mtamvuna River to the Great Kei River, it boasts an untamed and undeveloped wilderness paradise for travellers to explore on a South African safari.

The Wild Coast is typified by rocky cliffs, secluded beaches, lush hills, river valleys and amazing coastlines. Its fertile land is well known for different services and trades, such as Langkloof Valley for its fruit orchards, the Karoo for its sheep farming, Grahamstown for dairy and fruit, and Magwa for its coffee and tea plantations. It’s also known for its amazing fishing areas, boasting an abundance of squid, line fish and hake, which means a seafood meal in the Wild Coast is a must for South African safari-goers.

There are many tourist attractions for you to enjoy on a visit through the Wild Coast region, including the Nelson Mandela museum, the Hluleka Nature Reserve, the famous ‘Hole in the Wall’, the Silaka Nature Reserve, the Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve, and the Luchaba Nature Reserve.

You can also find the famous ‘hutted trail; which offers accommodation in huts along the coast and the mountain range. We do recommend, however, that all hikes along this route be arranged professional because the terrain is very unpredictable.

The Wild Coast is an amazing safari destination because it can be enjoyed year-round, due to little rain fall in the winter months. The climate varies according to where you are, and the rain fall increases the further east you travel.

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