Valley of a 1000 Hills, South Africa

Valley of 1000 Hills

With a variety of welcoming lodges, unique tea gardens and sociable pubs, you will be sure to find more than enough to do as you pass through the Valley of a 1000 Hills. The Choo Choo Steam Train provides a tour from Kloof Station to Cato Ridge, while the Heritage Theatre allows you to wine and dine an evening away, before embarking on another day spent exploring the Phezulu Crocodile and Snake Park or watching traditional Zulu dancing at the Phezulu Game Park.

Travellers on a South African safari in the Valley can visit Isithumba Village, which is next to the Valley and offers an amazing range of cultural experiences. You will be invited to visit the homes of rural people who gladly share a meal with you and offer an insight into Isithumba’s culture and traditions. You can also spice up your South African safari by learning a Zulu dance or meeting a witch doctor, two experiences that you can’t enjoy anywhere else on earth.

As you journey through the Valley, you’ll note the hills are covered in traditional Zulu homes as well as many colonial buildings, which provide a stunning contrast between the two cultures that richly inform the country’s history.

You’ll be able to enjoy a boat cruise along the Shongwei, Nagle and Inanda Dams, while also keeping an eye out for the birdlife that inhabits the region.

While on a South African safari through the Valley of a 1000 Hills, you’ll enjoy a humid and subtropical climate that offers warm temperatures throughout the year.

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