Udzungwa National Park, Tanzania

Waterfall - Udzungwa National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a paradise for hikers and is one of Tanzania’s most beautiful wilderness areas. Udzungwa’s most striking feature, apart from its mountainous terrain, is its pristine and biologically diverse forest which hosts a variety of animal and plant species not found anywhere else in the world! Among its residents within this beautiful Tanzania national park are six species of primates, including the rare Iringa red colobus and the Sange crested mangabey monkeys, as well as populations of elephants, buffalos, leopards, and a rich variety of birdlife. The rare Udzungwa partridge is endemic to the area and has been sighted near the park’s boundaries.

When people refer to the Udzungwa area they are generally referring to the mountain range that is located east of Dodoma. The Udzungwa mountain range is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains and is covered in grasslands, woodlands and forests. The hidden animal and plant species found in the Udzungwa region make any Tanzania safari worth the hike & the adventure ..

The high degree of endemism and biodiversity that characterises Udzungwa is due mainly to the area’s constant climate over millions of years, which has given species a chance to evolve (Another factor is Udzungwa’s altitudinal range). From the low-lying Kilombero Valley south-west of Udzungwa (at approximate 200 m) to Luhombero peak (2579 m), there is essentially a continuous forest. The area is one of the few places in Africa with a continuous rainforest over such a great span.

There are no roads in Udzungwa, instead, there are about four major and several lesser hiking paths winding through various sections of the park. Popular hikes include a short but steep half-day hike to Sange waterfalls, and a two day climb to the top of Luhombero, Udzungwa’s highest peak… The Udzungwa National Park is perfectly suited for adventurous travellers… it’s a pity that’s its hard to access the Udzungwa area as it’s a truly magical Tanzania highlight… but, maybe that’s why Udzungwa is so special?!

Udzungwa, which has an area of 1900 km2, was gazetted in 1992 and is Tanzania’s newest national park. If you would like to visit the Udzungwa National Park on a safari through Tanzania please let us know; we would love to help you plan your Tanzania safari.