Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Plain Zembra and Eland - Tsavo National Park
An invitation for exploration - from open savannah plains to volcanic hills, vast and diverse.

One of Kenya’s oldest and largest national parks – Tsavo covers an impressive 4% of the landscape. The park is split into two reserves – Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West. A total of over 22 000km sq forms one of the world’s largest parks. Due to the expanse of the park, wildlife viewing is uninterrupted and slow-paced. The contrast of the two areas is an invitation for exploration – from open savannah plains to volcanic hills – vast and diverse in nature.

The Galana River flows through Tsavo East, fringed by riverine trees, an oasis within the bushy shrubland and characteristic red soil. Tsavo East is home to the Big 5, wild dog, leopard, aardwolf as well as a variety of rare and unusual antelope. A healthy population of elephants inhabit the park, coated with fine red dust from the earth. Maneless lions roam the landscapes – a carnivore characteristic localised to the area.
Tsavo West National Park is characterised by a more mountainous landscape with rugged outcrops and volcanic hills, as well as swamps, lakes, and the Mzima Springs. The Chaimu Volcanic crater is a feature of interest for hikers as well as birders, boasting birds of prey such as eagles, buzzards, and falcons. The wilderness is abundant in elephants, buffalo, cheetah, wild dog, various antelope, and 600 species of prolific birdlife.