Plain Zembra and Eland - Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park

If you are looking at exploring Kenya on safari and would like something that’s unknown, rarely visited and something so different then Tsavo East is for you. If you would like to drive yourself around a national park, visit a rhino sanctuary and maybe do some rock climbing then Tsavo West is the perfect option for you!

Tsavo East National Park:

The east part of Tsavo National Park is the oldest and largest National Park in Kenya. It was officially established and opened in 1948. This park was aptly named after the Tsavo River that flows through it. The eastern side of this majestic Kenya National Park borders on Tanzania offering travellers the great opportunity to explore both Kenya and Tanzania on an East African Safari. The wildlife sightings are amazing; travellers have the opportunity of seeing the Big 5 including the Masai lion! The birdlife in Tsavo East is also wonderful and includes: black kite, crowned crane, lovebird, sacred ibis and much more.

Tsavo West National Park:

The western part of Tsavo borders on the coastal region of Kenya and has become a popular region to visit as the scenery is absolutely amazing! Included in the Tsavo west is great wildlife, a rhino reserve, a good condition road system and a spectacular mountain. If you are an avid rock climber then the mountain in Tsavo west is waiting to be tackled – the sights from the top are truly breathtaking! There are also guided walks within the national park.

If you are interested in visiting this impressive national park please contact us – we will be able to recommend Tsavo east or Tsavo west (or both) to you based on what your interests are.

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