Toliara, Madagascar

The combination of open beaches, rock pools, mangrove forests and turquoise beaches make up the 14km coastline of Toliara. Bordering the Mozambique Channel, Toliara is also known as ‘the city of the sun’, offering all year round warm weather and hospitality. The city thrives in a variety of cultures, rich in flavours from India, China and Europe. Toliara also hosts an interesting marine museum.

Visit Honko Reserve – an important ecological reserve of mangroves in between Toliara and the villages of Ifaty, made up of aquamarine waters, lagoons and traditional fishing villages. Toliara is the springboard to Ifaty – a highly sought after relaxation station of Madagascar – especially in the months of July and August where the whales are present.

From Toliara, one may also access the fishermen village of Anakao. You can reach that by a boat ride of about 1.5 hours via the mouth of the Onilahy River. Please note the boats only go in the morning as the waves are too high in the afternoon. Anakao has great beaches, snorkeling and diving, and you can also do an excursion to the bird island of Nosy Ve, where you can also see the red-tailed tropicbird among others.