The Battlefields, South Africa

Explore the region on a guided day trip, while river-rafting on the Thugela River or sailing on Chelmsford Dam.

Along the battlefields you can see memorials, small graveyards and lone forts. They air a mysterious atmosphere and ambience – some travellers feel that it’s a peaceful part of land while others find it dark and troubling… Today the battlefields portray the struggle over the land and the battles of the past of the Zulus who now dominate this part of South Africa.

For over 70 years the British, Zulu and Boer fought, clashed and battled for territory, power and control. 1836 – 1852: The Voortrekkers (Boer) turned their back against British authority and left to find a new region. The new found land happened to belong to the Zulu and naturally a territorial conflict began… 1879: the Zulu and the British fought; 1880 – 1881: the British fought against Boers in the ‘first war of independence’; and 1889 – 1902: the British fought the Boers again. All of these battles and historic conflicts have made this region one of the most popular historic attractions in South Africa.

The best way to explore the battlefields would be on a guided daytrip. Experienced and enthusiastic battlefield guides will take you to each important battleground and explain to you what happened, what strategies were used, who won, and inform you about how many deaths and triumphs there were.

There are also two other ways to explore the battlefields: white river rafting down the Thugela River and sailing on the Chelmsford Dam… these options will allow you to get a unique view of the battle landscape. There are also wonderful shops, restaurants, wildlife and hospitality throughout this notable region.
The battlefields can be visited all year round. If you had to choose when the best time to visit the battlefields is … we would recommend anytime between September and March.

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