Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Aberdare National Park
The black serval and black leopard, both extremely rare and shy in character, are the star attractions.

Aberdare National Park is located in the central highlands of Kenya. It is 150 km from Nairobi and 87 km from Naivasha. Famously known as the park Queen Elizabeth found out she was heir to the throne at the death of her father, it holds historical and natural interest. Unlike anywhere else in Kenya, the park is made up of waterfalls, rainforests, bamboo forests, mountain peaks, and alpine vegetation.

The park is diverse in species and habitat, with black rhino, elephants, buffalo, waterbuck, blue duiker, civet as well as Kenya’s rarest antelope – the bongo. The main attraction of this park, however, is the possibility of seeing the black serval and black leopard – both extremely rare and shy in character.

Covering the heights of the mountain range, the area is misty with a possibility of rain all year round. The best time to visit is during the drier months of January and February, as well as June to September. Due to its high altitude, the region is cooler than the plains and savannahs of the other national parks