Tamatave, Madagascar

Toamasina is a popular vacation destination among the Malagasy and is to Antanarivo what Brighton is to London, or Nice is to Paris. Even though there is a beach at Tamatave – swimming isn’t recommended… which isn’t an issue because as soon as you visit this area on a Madagascar tour all you will want to do is discover the beauty of the terrain and culture of Malagasy people…

The origin of the Malagasy name Toamasina is disputed. One theory states that it was derived form the Portuguese name São Tornás (St Thomas), while another’s attribute it to King Radamal’s first visit to the seaside in 1817; it is said that the king knelt to taste the water and said, ‘Toa masina’ (‘It is salty’)… Either way, this unusually named Madagascar town is a great place to spend your Madagascar holiday or vacation at!