The name Swakopmund is derived from the German language meaning ‘mouth of water’. The Nama people previously named this area Tsoakhaub which described the overflow and flooding of the Swakop River. The name was then changed to Swachaub by German settlers with the proclamation of Swakopmund as an independent district of German South West Africa in 1896.

We choose to feature visits to Swakopmund in a variety of our Namibia safari packages because of the fascinating architectural buildings that can be found there and the fun activities that you can enjoy in and around the area! In terms of the architectural buildings you can visit, there’s the Altes Gefängnis Prison which was built in 1909 and designed by Heinrich Bause; the Wormannhaus, which was once a famous tower and is now a public library and was built in 1906, as well as the crystal gallery and the national marine aquarium, to name but a few!

When it comes to having fun, you’ll be able to choose from an exciting range of activities to enjoy whilst on your Namibian safari! From sandboarding to quad biking, fishing to beach angling and diving to hot air ballooning, there is something for everyone no matter your age!

Most of our Namibia safari packages include a stop in Swakopmund because of its undeniable status as a seaside resort filled with adventure! You’ll even be able to enjoy such timeless pastimes as bird-watching by the Swakop River and viewing the hundreds of Cape fur seals who call the area their home!

Swakopmund is a seaside resort area with the summer months (December and January) being cooler than other parts of Namibia and is surrounded by the Namib Desert (known as the West Coast Recreational Area) on all sides except on the side of the cold Atlantic Ocean. Temperatures range between 15’C and 30’C with little rainfall.

Another unique feature of the area is the dense fog that forms up to 140km inland quite frequently! The animal and plant life relies on this fog as a source of moisture and water as a result of having adapted to this remarkable occurrence.

Feel free to read through our range of Namibia safari packages featuring Swakopmund as a highlight along the way, or keep reading about the other attractions that this spectacular region has to offer!

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