Sun City, South Africa

Artificial waves, a world-class golf course and a Big Five safari makes for an exotic and extravagant experience.

With artificial waves, a world-class golf course and the chance to view the Big Five on safari in the Pilanesburg National Park nearby, there’s something for everyone at this luxurious resort.

Sun City was officially opened in 1979 after its development by business tycoon Sol Kerzner. The area surrounding it was declared an independent state back then, which meant that the Resort could provide entertainment which including gambling and topless revenue shows, making it a popular holiday destination in South Africa. Since then, it has hosted many popular international singers, bands and presenters in its Sun City Super Bowl, continuing to provide world-class entertainment to its guests.

Sun City is an exotic and extravagant experience for travellers on a South African safari, which offers an exciting year-round holiday paradise. It provides a great variety of activities for travellers of all ages, which includes gambling, swimming, spa treatments, paragliding, golfing, cultural tours at Motseng and safaris. The themed water park on the premises called the Valley of the Waves offers a variety of exciting water rides, and an artificial beach with a wave pool that makes mechanically generated waves.

When on a South African safari, a visit to Sun City provides a wide range of exciting experiences, with the game viewing ranking at the top of the list. Safaris around the Pilanesberg National Park brings guests up close with lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, elephants, hyenas, impala, wild dog, a variety of buck and numerous bird species.

There really is something for everything at Sun City and the Valley of the Waves. As night, guests are able to dine at glitzy restaurant, take a chance in the casinos or enjoy live performance shows. Its climate is temperate with dry, warm days and cold nights in winter, and hot days in summer.

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