Spitzkoppe, Namibia

No Namibian safari can be complete without a visit to Spitzkoppe, the most popular and well-known mountain range in Namibia, which dates back to over 700-million years.

In terms of the Namibian landscape, these dramatic peaks are believed to have been formed by the collapse of a volcano millions of years ago, and the unusual shapes of the rocks and peaks are the result of erosion and general weather conditions. The highest part of Spitzkoppe is approximately 1784 m high! Next to this peak lays a smaller peak called the ‘little Spitzkoppe’, measuring 1584 m in height. The rocks and peaks formed their unusual shapes by erosion and general weather conditions. The shapes of the peaks are extremely unusual for creating some interesting photographic opportunities. Located between different peaks, lays an area named ‘Bushmen Paradise’, where one can see primitive Bushman paintings dating back thousands of years.

During a Namibian safari to the Spitzkoppe, travellers can turn back the hands of time and step into the past as they visit the primitive Bushman paintings, which date back thousands of years, and can be found between the different peaks in an area named ‘Bushmen Paradise.’

The mountain range does not escape a role in local legend. It is said that in 1904 a soldier from the Royal Schutztruppe climbed the highest peak and made a fire that could be seen from all around. What makes this legend more remarkable is that the mountain peak has no natural fuel that could be burned to make a fire, and the soldier was never heard from or seen again.

As the most famous mountain range in Namibia, the Spitzkoppe are a must for any Namibian safari. Read below to find out about our Namibia safaris that pass through and near to the Spitzkoppe, or discover other attractions that you may wish to include on your visit to Namibia.