Soweto Township, South Africa

Experience one of the most metropolitan townships and the opportunity to eat at exciting African restaurants.

Regarded as one of the most metropolitan townships in South Africa, it is home to a huge black population, who have created a vibrant and positive atmosphere despite the fact that most of the people who live here are underprivileged and live in homes made from tin, brick, wood and any other material that can be found.

During a day-trip to Soweto, you’ll be able to see some of the incredible African crafts on sale, eat at exciting African restaurants and even enjoy a drink at a local drinking bar called a shebeen.

Besides offering a unique insight into the culture of South Africa, Soweto is also steeped in history. It originated in 1904 during the segmentation and Apartheid era, as a township called Klipspruit, which house many miners and local labourers who worked in Johannesburg but were not allowed to live there.

In 1963, the name Soweto was officially adopted, and in 1976 it became the site of a massive political campaign called the 1976 Student Uprising, an event during which students protested against Apartheid policies, which saw Hector Peterson, a young and innocent child, shot and killed by South African police. Caught in the crossfire, Hector Peterson’s death became a political statement and Soweto became a sad symbol of everything that Apartheid represented.

Despite its difficult past, Soweto has produced many famous South Africa celebrities, such as Yvonna Chaka Chaka, Baby Jake Matlala, Bishop Desmond Tutu and world-renowned ex-president, Nelson Mandela. In fact, you’ll be able to visit the house in which Nelson Mandela lived, which has been turned into a must-see for travellers on a South African safari.

Other attractions that can be seen while on a Soweto township tour include the Apartheid Museum, the African Institute of Art and Funda Community Centre, Freedom Square and the Hector Peterson Museum.

It’s no surprise that township tours are very popular for travellers during a South African safari, and it is with pride that we’re able to offer a Soweto township tour to our valued clients. Not only does it introduce you to customs, crafts and souvenirs, but it also educates visitors to our country about the wealth of diversity that can be found in our Rainbow Nation.

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