Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Named after the many ships which have sunk here over the centuries, Skeleton Coast is a 500km stretch of coastline along Namibia’s western shores. Desolate in nature but striking in contrast and beauty, it is a haven for photographers. Immerse yourself in an area of Africa with a character completely unto its own – a visual, sensory, and natural force of Namibia.

Known as the ‘land God made in anger’, this remote area is, surprisingly, home to a diversity of wildlife such as desert elephants, hyena, hippo, lion, leopard and black rhino may occasionally be seen. One will encounter a variety of marine life here, including the largest population of Cape-fur seals in the world. They are found at the location where the first European explorer set foot on the coast of Namibia in 1486, at Cape Cross.

Explore the Skeleton Coast from above on a scenic helicopter flight that takes you over the beautiful desert landscapes. Hike the Ugab River Trail, go fishing, embark on a 4 x 4 adventure, or a desert walk to experience the Skeleton Coast and its surrounds.