Savuti Game Reserve, Botswana


The Botswana Savuti Game Reserve lies south of Linyanti and covers an area of over 5000 square kilometres in the western section of Chobe National Park in Botswana. Much of the Savuti was previously underwater, and the Savuti Channel last flowed in 1982. Researchers are flummoxed as to why the channel, which had remained dry since 1885, began flowing again in 1967. It has a history of flooding and drying up independently of good rain or floods elsewhere. The marsh, which is now grassland, is dotted with dead camel thorn trees, which have become a significant feature of the area and a photographic delight on any Botswana safari.

Our safaris through Savuti will offer you the best locations from which to view wildlife.  If you book your Botswana Safari for the dry winter months (June to November) you will have the best opportunities for game viewing, as predators tend to lurk around the water holes. During the rainy season (December to April), the game migrates towards grassy areas and the zebra migration is usually tailed by roving pride of lion. Elephants are sighted in abundance, particularly next to water holes at sunset. The stunning interplay between species is a sight to behold if you are lucky enough to witness predator versus prey.

Savuti Game reserve can be reached by air (the reserve has an airstrip) or 4×4.  We recommend a minimum of four days in the reserve to do it justice and to allow yourself the opportunity to see as much of the Savuti Game Reserve as possible. There is a variety of public and private camps from which to choose, and we can assist you in making the best choice for your accommodation.  Taking a safari in Botswana through Savuti with Jenman will give you an unforgettable African Experience.

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