Savute, Botswana


The charm of the Savute area lies in its ability to completely transform. This is mainly due to the Savute Channel – a 100km self-rejuvenating water source. ‘Savute’ – which means ‘mystery’ truly explains the essence of the channel – flowing and drying up in no relation to rainfall or season. When the channel is in flood – the entire landscape transforms, attracting all species of wildlife – turning the area into an animal and bird haven.

Its woodlands, grasslands, and savannahs are the perfect habitats for herds of buffalo, tsessebe, and antelope. As well as the channel, there are permanent waterholes which ensure the presence of a variety of species all year round. This includes sable, giraffe, large herds of elephants, (old bulls which have been in the area for decades) – and the elusive honey badger!

The bustling and active water source offers a platter of prey for predators – resulting in an extremely healthy lion, leopard, wild dog, and hyena population. The dramatic change in the ecosystem also attracts a variety of birdlife. A paradise for bird watchers.

The allure of the Savute is held in its unexpected nature, a hook and addiction to safari seekers – the thrill of the unknown!