Samburu, Kenya

Samburu Warriors
Home to all 3 of the big cats - lion, leopard, cheetah - and characterised by riverine forests and grasslands.

As mentioned the Samburu region is a fantastic area to visit for its plentiful animal sightings – lots of animals flock to this area as the river flowing through Samburu provides a much needed source of water. Samburu is located in the popular Rift Valley region in Kenya and is easily accessible via road or charter plane.

One of the main attractions of Samburu is the fact that this region is home to all 3 of the big cats; lion, leopard and cheetah. Other animals found within this region are; elephant, buffalo, hippo, warthog, gazelle, impala, waterbuck, zebra and many other amazing and fascinating animals. There are also over 320 different bird species! One of the very sad facts about the wildlife in Samburu is that there are no more rhinos… poaching was the cause of this.

Samburu is characterised by acacias, riverine forests, grasslands and thorn trees. There are also 2 different mountains called Koitogor and Olokwe within the borders of the Samburu National Reserve – taking one of the many walks around these majestic mountains is highly recommended.

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