Saadani National Park, Tanzania

This national park is approximately 1100 km2, established and gazetted officially in 2005. Saadani may have been established fairly recently but it has actually been around for ages; it had been established from a game reserve that dates back to1969.

Saadani National Park includes a highly protected and preserved ecosystem including the former Saandani Game Reserve, the Mkwaja ranch area, Wami River and the Zaraninge Forest. All of these diverse parts of Tanzania were combined to make the official Saadani National Park. These areas are protected by TANAPA (Tanzanian National Parks) which allows and encourages all the safari animals to roam freely across the borders…

There are a few villages around Saadani where locals live peacefully and harmoniously without disrupting the precious eco system or the free roaming wildlife. In 1969 when the Saadani Game Reserve was created the elders of the villages were consulted. The loss of cultivated land was compensated for and the villages’ elders were therefore supportive of the establishment of the Saadani Game Reserve.

Nowadays, the Saadani National Park is a relatively unknown area. And for this reason Saadani has become one of the most spectacular Tanzanian national parks to visit on a safari –magnificent rivers, a precious ecosystem, free-roaming wildlife and magical seaside sights paired with the existence of picturesque local villages…. What more could anyone ask for on a Tanzania safari? Saadani is not the easiest National Park to get to – please chat to us if you are planning to visit this national park.