Ruacana Falls and Epupa Falls, Namibia

The area surrounding the Ruacana and Epupa Falls is known as Kaokoland and typically regarded as a beautiful and remote wilderness abundant in such characteristics as table-top mountains, hills and vast plans accented by the odd rock.

When you choose to go on one of our Namibia safaris that features a trip to the Ruacana and the Epupa Falls, you’ll be able to experience an insight into the daily lives of the people who call the area their home, the Himba people.

The Epupa Falls is characterized by a series of drops, which total some 60 metres over a distance of about 1.5 kilometres. ‘Epupa’ refers to the spray from these gushing Falls, and originates from the very language of the Himba people.

Situated 135 kilometres upstream, you will be able to witness the spectacular Ruacana Falls, which reach a height of 120 metres and a breadth of 700 metres – making for an undeniably majestic attraction whilst on your Namibian safari!

Not only will you be able to enjoy the views that these spectacular Falls inspire, but you’ll also be able to make the most of your visit to the region whilst on your Namibian safari, by indulging in such activities as white-water rafting and canoeing (sometimes passed the presence of a sleepy, floating crocodile, if you’re lucky!)

With beautiful sunsets as well as a wonderful array of bird-life to boot, there is no surprise that many wish to include the inspiring and spectacular Ruacana and Epupa Falls apart of their Namibia safari experience!

This Epupa and Ruacana area boasts some beautiful rock formations, with rich textured colouring, complemented by an array of trees, including the regal baobab. Spectacular sunsets and a wonderful array of birdlife from the African fish eagle to the family of kingfishers makes the Ruacana Falls and the Epupa Falls an inspiring Namibia safari destination.

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