Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar

Ranomafana National Park
A healthy forest, set up to protect the golden bamboo lemur and the greater bamboo lemur.

Ranomafana National Park was set up in 1991 to protect two species of rare lemur – the golden bamboo lemur and the greater bamboo lemur. Today it is one of Madagascar’s most popular parks with a healthy forest, teeming with a huge selection of wildlife. 

Located 445 km south of Antananarivo and 65 km east of Fianarantsoa, the reserve is dominated by the Namorona River that is fed by many streams flowing from the hills and plunges past the eastern escarpment near the park entrance. This magical cloud forest is fresh and cool with rolling hills, waterfalls and dark-green vegetation. 

Ranomafana National Park is accessed by driving through Ambositra, the centre of Madagascar’s wood carving industry. The landscape is dominated by rice fields, pine forests, eucalyptus trees and rocky mountains, dotted by houses with carved wooden balconies and brightly coloured shutters.