Pungwe Falls, Zimbabwe

The waterfall is surrounded by rocks, open plains, trees and bushes in the Nyanga area overlooking the Honde Valley.

The Pungwe Falls is a tiered waterfall; many beautiful tiers and plunges make up the entire waterfall system… It winds its way through the mountain and shows off its strong water current between rocks and elevated ground. The waterfall is surrounded by rocks, open plains, trees, bushes and undeveloped land. Pungwe is located in the Nyanga area overlooking the Honde Valley.

Cecil John Rhodes wrote this about the Pungwe Falls, 1896: “Dear McDonald, Inyanga is much finer than you described…Before it is all gone, buy me (quickly) up to 100 000 acres [400 km²], and be sure to take in the Pungwe Falls.” For Cecil John Rhodes to mention the Pungwe Falls in an important letter then it must be truly magnificent!

The main source of the Pungwe Falls is the Pungwe River; a perennial river which stretches over a vast distance; 400 km from Zimbabwe to Mozambique. Perennial means that this river will flow throughout the year, some months it will consist of fast rapids and others it will only have a gentle stream … making some months more attractive than others depending on the water levels and water flows.

The Pungwe Falls and Pungwe area should not be tackled alone or unaided. The area surrounding the falls is relatively unknown and unstable. It is highly recommended that anyone wanting to visit the falls should do so in the company of a tour operator or with a local guide. Along the way one can see the most magnificent birdlife! Travel to this region is fine all year round – summer rains make the falls even more magnificent though…

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