Pilgrim’s Rest, South Africa

The town boasts fascinating historical buildings as well as the nearby Mount Sheba Nature Reserve.

An enriching experience for any traveller embarking on a South African safari, Pilgrim’s Rest boasts fascinating historical buildings such as an old Anglican church, a digging museum, a gold panning area, shops, a House Museum, a historic cemetery, the Joubert Bridge and Mount Sheba Nature Reserve.

Mount Sheba Nature Reserve is below the Pilgrim’s Rest Mountains and offers grasslands, forests and natural gardens in which to witness some of the most amazing birdlife that has earned the area a world-renowned reputation as being a twitchers’ paradise. Some species you may encounter include the African cuckoo hawk, crowned eagles, mountain wagtails, forest canary, gurney’s sugarbirds and many more.

By including Pilgrim’s Rest in your South African safari experience, you open up a broad range of activities to enjoy. From walking trails, rounds of golf, horse riding, trout fishing and hiking, to gold rush guided tours and even a chance to pan for gold, there is seemingly no limit to the attractions that can be experienced in the area.

Pilgrim’s Rest has rainy summers and dry winters, but has something for everyone no matter the time of year. Have a look at our South African safaris that include Pilgrim’s Rest below, or read up about the other South African attractions you might want to visit on your South African safari.