Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

Lake Mankwe sits at the heart of this wildlife refuge and offers amazing and unique scenery.

Covering 55 000-hecatres, the Pilanesberg National Park combines the dry Kalahari and the wetter Lowveld vegetation. Lake Mankwe sits at the heart of the Park and reflects the whole beauty of Pilanesberg Park, offering amazing and unique scenery for travellers on a South African safari with us.

The Park provides habitats for a huge amount of wildlife and birdlife, and is home to Africa’s Big Five as well as giraffe, hippo, crocodile, springbok and hyena, to name but a few. Bird-lovers can also get excited with the possible sightings of over 300 bird species, 80 of which are endemic to the area.

When on a South African safari with us, you can either embark on a self-guided trail to learn about the animals in the area, or take part in game viewing by foot or car. The best times to visit the Pilanesberg National Park for game viewing is during the cool and dry winter period between May and August, with a variety of accommodation options available, ranging from up-market lodges to caravans and camping facilities.

When on a South African safari visit to the Pilanesberg National Park, there is also the Sun City entertainment complex nearby, offering a resort getaway whilst still offering the experience of the real African wilderness.

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