Overberg, South Africa

Commonly known for its grain farming, the region also offers magnificent whale watching opportunities.

With all of that said, the Overberg is truly a spectacular attraction for travellers on a South African safari with us. Commonly known for its grain farming, the Overberg also contains the Elgin Fruit Valley – the second largest fruit supplier in South Africa.

When it comes to exploring the Overberg on a South African safari, we can take you through the four main regions of the Overberg which are: Hermanus, Caledon, Swellendam and the Cape Agulhas areas.

Hermanus is a firm favourite for travellers on South African safari with us. It’s well-known for being a magnificent whale watching area from June to October, hosting its annual whale festival at the end of September, during which the Southern Right Whales can be seen in their masses near the shoreline as they mate in the harbour.

Caledon is a small agricultural town in the Western Cape, known mostly for the Caledon Spa and Casino. Its Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summer and cool, wet winters make it a favourite area for South Africans to visit.

Swellendam is a fascinating place to see whilst on a South African safari with us, due to its status as the third oldest place of European settlement in South Africa. The area includes three nature reserves, namely the Marloth Nature Reserve, the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve and the Bontebok National Park. All three nature reserves contain a wide variety of safari animals including zebra, bushbuck, mongoose, leopard, baboon and grysbok.

The Cape Agulhas area is commonly known at the most southerly tip of Africa, and is a unique attraction for travellers on a South African safari with us, due to it being the meeting point of the cold Atlantic and the warm Indian Oceans. The region comprises of curving coastal lines and rocky beach areas, explaining its past as a dangerous place past which to sail. Nowadays, there is a working lighthouse to warn passing ships and ward off tragedy.

The Overberg is a beautiful attraction for travellers on a South African safari with us, and one which holds a whole variety of attractions and activities to be enjoyed. Find out about our range of South African safari tours that offers a visit to the Overberg or read up about other attractions you can include on your South African safari.