Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

50 years ago a German entomologist literally stumbled upon one of the most amazing findings in Tanzania which in turn made Olduvai Gorge an interesting Tanzania highlight. His findings in Olduvai contained hundreds of fossils, bones and ancient artefacts and the gorge has, since then, become one of the world’s most important prehistoric sites. Olduvai Gorge helped answer many important questions about the human evolution and people travel from afar to go and see this historic part of Tanzania.

It is believed that the artefacts found in the Olduvai Gorge date back to over 2 million years ago. The museum located at this attraction provides an excellent photographic documentation of the research summarizing the main archaeological findings.

Millions of years ago the Olduvai Gorge was actually a large lake with shores covered in volcanic ash. After seismic activity the water in Olduvai began to clear revealing the hidden treasures of history. Each physical layer of this Tanzania Gorge seems to open up new findings, different historic periods and, of course, unknown possibilities! Some historic tools discovered in Olduvai Gorge were named Oldowan and they are believed to be over 2.6 million years old.

You can spend a day on your Tanzania safari looking at excavation sites or even browsing through the Olduvai Gorge Museum.

The convenient location of the gorge lends itself to a welcome stop-over on the bumpy road to the Serengeti.